Exercise is one of those things that many of us do not enjoy doing.  Consider this, there are many things that we do on a daily basis that get us moving and that are also physically challenging. Continue Reading


If you exercise at home or a gym, then you must have the basics down by now. You know how the workout routine works. But have you ever broken down the entire process and looked at the parts individually?  If you haven’t, it is a good time to get toContinue Reading

Yoga Self-Practice for Beginners

Since ancient times, people have practiced yoga as a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise to lose weight, manage stress, and relieve anxiety. It has recently gained social media traction as influencers from all over the globe have taken a liking to the meditative exercise. You may have noticed yoga studiosContinue Reading

by Vivek Roy In this competitive world, everyone is so busy with their work that they don’t have time to look after themselves. In the quest of achieving more and more success, they are ignoring their health and body. They always remain under pressure and stress which makes their bodyContinue Reading