Employees today are questioning their relationship with their employers more than ever. The pandemic showed the value of remote work and independence in the workplace. Research continues to come out that affirms the value of happy and health workers. And more and more employees are finding themselves dissatisfied with theContinue Reading

Direct sourcing is becoming a crucial part of the talent acquisition strategy. It involves developing a private talent community of contingent workers that companies can quickly identify and communicate with for temporary contract positions. Direct sourcing allows companies to find the talent they need that have a great interest andContinue Reading

Venturing into new territories across the United States requires substantial resources. One strategy professionals, particularly those in the healthcare sector, employ to sustain themselves during such expeditions is engaging in travel nursing. Nurses, in particular, are highly sought after nationwide and are presented with a myriad of thrilling prospects asContinue Reading

Higher education is important, resulting in increased workforce participation, improved financial security, and decreased reliance on public benefit programs.  Statistics examining outcomes of Kentuckians with a bachelor’s degree versus Kentuckians with a high school diploma reflect this.  For example, the median earnings for Kentuckians with a bachelor’s degree is $52,000,Continue Reading

There are plenty of ways for a company to boost sales. They can conduct more aggressive advertising, create a stronger social media presence, and release higher quality products. However, all of these methods fall under the umbrella term of creating a more consistent brand. A brand encompasses a company’s mission,Continue Reading

For most businesses today, a successful loyalty rewards app is a vital part of their overall sales and usage. Certain services, things like Lyft and Uber, have started and exploded in success as apps alone. A powerful force in many apps’ success today is how they reward customers for theirContinue Reading

The pandemic caused certain industries and trends to grow in completely unpredictable ways. Remote work booming is not one of these cases. Remote work growing in popularity was a reaction to the fact that people couldn’t work physically. Yet what remote work has come to represent is much more thanContinue Reading

Insurance is a trillion dollar industry in the United States, fueling and aiding business and individual success for as long as most can remember. Identifying and processing insurance, however, is currently an outdated process that is in need of development. The existing challenges of traditional insurance processing steal our time,Continue Reading

Quality surveys can be one of the easiest tools to assess people. All it requires is someone who’s willing to be honest and answer some questions. Although surveys can simultaneously be infinitely more complex. Attempting to ask fair questions that really get at what one is trying to study isContinue Reading