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An abdominal migraine is a form of migraine that affects a person’s stomach instead of the normal head pain.  Abdominal migraines are mostly seen in children under the age of 10.  Children who get abdominal migraines tend to have this condition later in life evolve into normal migraines. Continue Reading

Have you ever watched a professional baseball game?  Many of the players have a big wad of chewing gum while they play?  Is this safe?  Is it healthy?  As a matter of fact it is!  Chewing gum has many health benefits.Continue Reading

Children sucking their thumb or fingers is very common.  Babies have a natural rooting and sucking reflex.  This can cause thumb and finger sucking to occur even in the womb.  This habit can start before a child is even born.  Many children suck their fingers babies generally stop this habitContinue Reading

By 2031, Generation Z’s income will surpass that of Millennials’. As a generation, they will grow to over $2 trillion in global earnings. Brands of all types will increasingly want to market to them (if they don’t already), but they may be surprised to learn that Gen Z consumers don’tContinue Reading

Many of us don’t think about hearing health until we already have a hearing problem.  Unfortunately, more than half of the people over 65 in the United States have some degree of hearing loss.  But this isn’t just an age related problem.  1 in every 5 teens has some hearingContinue Reading

Handwashing is the most effective way to prevent sickness and stop the spread of illness  Proper handwashing can help eliminate the spread of:  the Common Cold, the Flu, Stomach Upset, Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, SARS and pneumonia Good handwashing …Read moreContinue Reading

Cooking at home can help you in your weight loss journey.  Restaurant meals are a treat.  They eliminate cooking, clean up, food shopping and preparation.  However, many restaurant meals are not prepared in healthy ways, they can contain preservatives that aren’t good for you and the portion sizes are generallyContinue Reading