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If your child is coming into school aged years it can be stressful to know if your child is ready  Especially if you have a child that has a birthday in the summer months  Do you push them forward to be one of the younger kids in the class, or do …Read moreContinue Reading

When you suggest sitting on the potty to your toddler does it result in them screaming and running away?  Do they act afraid when you mention the potty?  Being afraid of the potty and bathroom is not an uncommon thing to come across when trying to potty train.  All childrenContinue Reading

Colleges are struggling to keep their doors open. The financial status of many higher education institutions is poor at best and completely devastated in too many cases. As enrollment is dwindling and college age Americans are turning to other avenues to pursue the American dream, colleges are struggling to stayContinue Reading

An abdominal migraine is a form of migraine that affects a person’s stomach instead of the normal head pain.  Abdominal migraines are mostly seen in children under the age of 10.  Children who get abdominal migraines tend to have this condition later in life evolve into normal migraines. Continue Reading

Have you ever watched a professional baseball game?  Many of the players have a big wad of chewing gum while they play?  Is this safe?  Is it healthy?  As a matter of fact it is!  Chewing gum has many health benefits.Continue Reading