How to Properly Cleanse your Face

How to properly cleanse your face

by Marie

How to properly cleanse your face

How to properly cleanse your face

The face is our most treasured part of our body because it is also in the center of the attention. So, it is normal to want to remove the imperfections that affect the aspect of our face. But, not everybody knows how to properly cleanse their faces and, believe it or not, simple mistakes can come in between having a perfect skin on your face. So, continue reading below and see what you need to do to have a clear face, what skin care products are best to be used, and how should your beauty ritual look like.

  • Never go to bed without cleaning your face

When you’re finally home, after a hard and busy day or a long night, the last thing you want is to start cleaning your face, as the bed appears to have a more tempting offer. But, no matter how tired you are, if you care about your beauty and health of your skin, do not go to bed without cleaning your skin first. Besides makeup products, your face accumulates a wide range of particles and debris during the day, which can trigger skin issues in time. Everything from dust to pollutants, coming from exhaust gases, construction sites, and the substances and materials we use on a daily basis, and other airborne particles that can stick to your face and clog your pores, they should all be washed away. If you don’t remove them, they will form an intoxicating layer on your skin, preventing it from breathing and repairing itself as it should. So, the result will be a dry, dull, and lifestyle skin. And considering that the regeneration process takes place mostly at night, you need to do this part before going to bed, every single day.

  • Washing the skin in the morning is also a very important step

Many people skip the part of washing their face in the morning, considering that if they did it in the evening, then there’s no reason to do it again in the morning. After all, you’ve been inside and sleeping, so what could have harmed your skin? Well, according to dermatologists, cleaning the face in the morning is as important as doing it in the evening, as having a cleaning routine twice a day will promote a clean and clear skin, free of any imperfections. So, if you want to make sure that pimples, zits, and blackheads are rare occurrences, make sure to keep your skin clean and your pores clear, and you will have fewer troubles with the aspect of your skin.

  • Removing the culprits of clogged pores

Speaking of clogged pores and blackheads, sometimes they do appear, even if we are careful when it comes to cleansing our skin. When this happens, no matter how hard we scrub and wash our skin, which is something that is not recommended at all, the blackheads won’t just simply disappear. To manage them more effectively, you need something more powerful. You need something like the black mask, which was specially created to remove not just blackheads but other impurities that may clog your pores as well. They act by sticking to the impurities so that when you removed it once it’s completely dry, you will also remove all those things that are making your skin imperfect. While it may be hard to find a mask that actually works, the blackhead mask delivers amazing results due to its composition. So, if you include it in your skin care routine, you will stop worrying about blackheads and other skin issues, and enjoy a clean and soft skin at all times.

  • Be careful not to aggress your skin when cleansing

You should not use aggressive products or an aggressive technique when cleansing your face. Even if you want to make sure that your skin is properly cleaned, you should not rub too hard, as you can damage it. When rubbing too hard, especially with exfoliating agents, you can create micro-lesions on the surface of your skin, which can turn into open gates for germs and bacteria. So, be gentle with your skin because if you use the right cleansers for your skin type, you won’t have to rub hard to remove dirt and debris. They will do this job right, so gentle circular movements are more than enough. This should be respected by people with oily skin as well, as insistent rubbing will not do them any good. If you use a cleansing product dedicated to oily skin, then excess sebum will be removed in an effective and gentle manner.

  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water

It is highly recommended not to switch the temperature of water when washing your face, as you can make your skin go into shock. Using hot water will only make things worse, as hot water will not open up your pores, as you may think. Also, cold water will not shrink them and will not effectively remove dirt from its surface either. Thus, washing your skin with lukewarm water, throughout the entire process, is the best and safest way to go. So, adjust the temperature of the water before starting the cleansing procedure.

  • Always read the ingredients list

Unfortunately, many people don’t read the ingredients list of the skin care products they purchase. If what is written on the front label is good enough, then very few people actually bother turning the product around and reading the back as well. Why is this important? No matter how effective, attractive, and reliable a product may look, there are high chances that it contains chemicals that can be harmful to our skin, especially when used on a long term. Fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, are just a few examples of the toxic substances that can trigger skin problems. So, do care about what you are putting on your skin if you want to enjoy a healthy skin and protect its natural beauty. While shops are filled with products with chemicals in their composition, you can still find reliable products that have organic ingredients, which are safer for your skin and health.


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