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Benefits of Donating Your Eggs to Others

By:  Jake Hyet

Although donating your eggs to help a couple who want to have a baby is a fine thing to do, like with everything else in this world, there are pros and cons to the situation.  On the plus side, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving a part of yourself to someone else, and that should bring a feeling of contentment and happiness.  But there are many other benefits of donating eggs in Australia, as well as other countries and below is a list of some of them:

donating eggs in Australia


Helping Couples Become Parents

There are couples the world over who desperately want to be parents, but cannot due to fertility issues.  Some of these problems can be dealt with and corrected by IVF Australia, but many others can’t be solved.  That leaves would-be parents with one option if they want to have a child of their own:  using an egg donor.

As an egg donor you are giving a couple the most valuable gift of all, the ability to have a child of their own.  A true miracle.  This child will be a lasting symbol of the determination and perseverance of its parents, who not only wanted a child badly enough to go through IVF Australia, but to entrust their dream to someone else by choosing an egg donor.

Plus, remember that by giving your eggs, you are also giving your DNA to the prospective parents.  As the child grows and develops over the years, they and their parents will have a lasting reminder of your kindness and generosity.


Increased Pride

Women who donate their eggs have a right to feel proud of themselves for the special and priceless contribution they are making to enrich the lives of people who are essentially total strangers.  This sense of pride and self-confidence will last a long time, and is something you carry with you throughout your life, knowing that you helped make a miracle possible.

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Your DNA Lives On

Another pleasing benefit from donating eggs in Australia, is that even if you never have a child yourself, your DNA will continue to live on in the world.  Even if you never get to meet the parents or the child, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that someone out there is raising your child, and thus your and your family’s genes will be passed on to another generation.

An additional reward that comes from being an egg donor is that sometimes the parents allow you to be a part of the child’s life, thus creating an emotional bond that can never be broken.  If that’s not the case, however, sometimes once they are grown the child of an egg donor will make the effort to find the donor and develop a connection.

Regardless of whether you have a relationship with the child or not, as the egg donor it can be an exciting feeling to know that any child you see on the street just might be related to you.  A living symbol of what you have donated to the world.



Although it’s not pretty to talk about it, not every woman who becomes an egg donor does so for purely altruistic reasons.  Many of these women need the money.  That’s ok.  There’s nothing wrong with donating your eggs for money as the result is still the same.  You are helping an infertile couple have a child that they will cherish forever.  If there’s financial benefit in it for you, that’s just fine.  It doesn’t change the fact that you are still doing a good deed.


Biography:  Jake Hyet is considered an expert on donating eggs in Australia, and IVF Australia.  He worked in the field of IVF for many years, and now writes articles about the topic.


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