Why Can’t I Lose Weight With Diet And Exercise

Why Can't I Lose Weight With Diet And Exercise

Why Can’t I Lose Weight With Diet And Exercise?

These days many want to lose weight, trim down and do it quickly! However, getting those unwanted pounds off can be difficult and frustrating. Even though millions exercise and diet each day, those unwanted pounds just won’t go! There are several reasons why exercising and diet are not enough. Read on for reasons why…

Why Can't I Lose Weight With Diet And Exercise

To Burn off Calories, Exercise needs to be Consistent and at Times, Intense

Most of us when we exercise, only exercise 20-30 minute a day. To burn those calories and get the weight off, we need to exercise at least an hour or more a day. Of course, exercise should begin slowly and gradually increase over time. In addition, the exercising we do must, at times, be intense such as hiking or engaging in weight bearing exercises.

Stop the Over-Eating!

So many of us do well with our dieting during the week but when the weekend arrives, its business as usual. What we do is cheat on the weekend, thinking that we will make it up the following week. However, it just doesn’t work. To get you weight loss plan moving, think about cutting out at least 200 calories a day or talk with your doctor if it would be safe for you to cut out even more calories. Most importantly, try not to consume any less than than 1,200 calories a day.

Don’t Expect too Much in the Beginning

Many of us, when we begin our weight loss plans, are excited and motivated in the beginning but such excitement can hinder our plans to lose weight. Keep in mind, there are other factors that affect weight loss such as age, genetics, body size and sex. As you continue with your weight loss plans, don’t become discouraged. Remember, every person is different when it comes to losing weight and becoming fit. Stay with your plans for losing weight and instead of focusing on the scale, focus on how wonderful you will feel once you have reached your goals. By doing this you will gradually meet your goals.

Medical Problems May Get in the Way

Some may not know it but certain medical conditions can get in the way of losing weight such as having an under active thyroid gland or being diabetic.

How Thyroid And Diabetes Affect Weight loss Efforts

As tiny as it is, the thyroid can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Putting all your effort into losing weight, only to get no results is very frustrating. A huge part of weight loss is played by metabolism and food processing in one’s body. Knowing the problem with your thyroid makes it a lot easier since this tiny gland determines the body’s metabolic rate.

Hypothyroidism and weight loss

  • The exhaustion caused by hypothyroidism won’t stop no matter how much sleep you get. This makes it impossible to stick to a regular exercise plan due to the general body weakness.
  • Joint pain and depression come along with hypothyroidism. We need aerobic exercise to lose weight which is hindered by achy and swollen joints.
  • Depression on the other hand antagonizes tiredness making you less physically motivated
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Insulin and weight gain

  • Insulin administered to people with diabetes, brings about weight gain. This is because glucose is able to enter your cells and in excess, it accumulates as fat.

Eating healthy foods and exercising will keep pounds off when taking insulin. For hypothyroidism, hormone pills are administered and the results are impressive. This will work no matter how the thyroid and diabetes affect weight loss efforts.

In addition, there are certain medications that can hinder a diet and exercise program such as medications for menopause, antidepressants for depression and anti-psychotics for those suffering from mental illness. In addition, other medications such as for high blood pressure or diabetes can also slow down the process of losing weight. In these cases, it is best to talk with your doctor first before engaging in any exercise and diet program. He or she may give you other ideas on how to achieve your goals.

To conclude, sometimes diet and exercise is not enough when wanting to lose weight. There areother reasons, as mentioned above that can hinder the weight loss process. However, by examining your weight loss goals and then applying some of the above methods, you will be encouraged and motivated in losing those unwanted pounds. Try one or more of the above suggestions and find success in losing weight!

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