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Top 10 Reasons to Include More Eggs into Your Diet

Probably the first thing that comes to people’s mind when hearing the word “eggs” is cholesterol which is especially true for dieters or people with high level of cholesterol. However, people need not to make the word cholesterol interferes with revealing the other worth noting health benefits that eggs offers for everyone and for dieters in particular. In other words, it has been revealed that cholesterol association with eggs was over exaggerated and that the amount of cholesterol in a medium egg is much lower than the recommended daily portion as compared to 10 years ago due to several factors related to hens feeding. Thus, putting this issue aside, people deserve to know why they should start including more eggs in their diet.

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Nutritional facts

Who says that in order to have the perfect health, you have to pay for expensive treatments and luxurious food items? Though inexpensive, eggs come with a lot of different impressive benefits for human health whether in their whites or yolks or whether they are chicken eggs or other birds’ eggs like gooses, ducks and quail. Eggs surpass other food because they are the number one complete source of inexpensive and high quality of protein due to their supply of the eight essential amino acids that are good for the body. Eggs are also one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D. Other equally important nutritional facts are the eggs rich quantities of multivitamins such as vitamin A, E, B2, B6, B12, K and D. They also contain minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.  Moreover, new brands of eggs now contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Top 10 Reasons why people need to start including eggs in their diet:

After stating all the impressive eggs nutritional facts, it is now time to point out all the ways in which eggs can act as agents for treating several health and how they are beneficiary for the overall well-being of the body.

  1. For good mood

Eggs can be consumed for fighting bad mood and fatigue because they contain the very vitamin, mineral and fatty acid needed to do just so. They are vitamin B, zinc and omega 3 which work together for mood boosting

  1. For stronger bones

With eggs supplement of B6 and B12 vitamins and folate, they contribute for stronger and healthier bones. Eggs are also an important source of sulphur which is required in the process of creating collagen. Collagen contributes to better bones flexibility and break resistance.

  1. For breast cancer free life

Women who eat eggs are 24% less likely to develop breast cancer. This is attributed to the abundant source of choline found in yolks which significantly lowers the risk of breast cancer in women.

  1. For stronger memory and brain

With eggs’ leading source of choline, they help improve brain activities associated with memory due to the effective component of acetylcholine which is produced by choline. The high quality of protein also improves the overall cognitive performance. They regulate nervous system as well.

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  1. For better vision

Age-Related Macular Degeneration or (ARMD) is a leading eyes disorder and cause of vision loss eyes which eggs can contribute to treat for their rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin. These two major components have the ability to protect eyes macula in two ways; one by filtering damaging sun rays out of macula, and two by acting as antioxidants that reduce any macula damages that might occurs.

  1. For healthier and slimmer shape

According to many studies, eating an egg for breakfast is a great way to lose weight because it helps in limiting calories intake and increasing calories balance. Eating eggs at mornings make people feel less hungry during the whole day.

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  1. For good heart

Eggs increase the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) levels which consequently lowers the risk of heart diseases and strokes. Also, eggs rich in omega 3 reduce blood levels of triglycerides which is one of the risks for heart diseases.

  1. For healthy mom and baby

Eggs are particularly good during and after pregnancy. The nutritional package of eggs are essential for the baby growing cells and brain development. They are also good for pregnant women who seek to balance their calories levels and daily requirements.

  1. For prettier skin, stronger nails and hair

Eggs make great skin, nails, and hair products. Its powerful properties of various vitamins and minerals make it an integral part of beauty care active ingredients. White eggs are also reported to help in reducing wrinkles.

  1. For better ulcer management

Quail eggs are reported to stimulate the digestive system to function better. They are particularly good for people with stomach ulcers problems.

Time to rethink

From all the reasons stated above, it’s evident that eggs are incredibly beneficial for human body. They help improving people’s health in so many ways; their weight, their heart, their bones, their eyes, their mood and energy, their skin and hair care, and most importantly to prevent serious health conditions like breast cancer. As for cholesterol, researches are proving that eggs are not a health risk factor. On the contrary, they help to promote good cholesterol in the body. It is time that people should give more credit to eggs. These benefits help those in doubt to rethink about eggs risks and start as well to include them in their diet for better health management.


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