Ways to Feel Good About Your Nose

We often can take our looks as a hindrance to our social lives and overall popularity. Whether you have crooked teeth, a lazy eye or a big nose, you are never entirely pleased with the way you look. Even if you are not blessed with the cutest nose in the world, this does not mean that you need to hate the way you look. Your social success and fulfillment in life are not balancing on a God-given appearance.

Although it is a natural thing to want to look beautiful, feeling bad all the time is not the way to live. So, how can you feel good about your nose? And is there a way to combat all the negative feelings you have?

Looking at yourself, it is important to ask what gives you value as a human being. To enhance your beauty is one thing, but to completely focus on what makes you imperfect is another. Even the celebrities we look up to are not perfect and often hate parts of their own bodies too. To love your nose for what it actually is, you have to embrace it in all its flaws. After that, you can make any changes you want, but not if it is a tactic of self-loathing.

Your Nose and How You Feel About It

People go to any lengths when they hate their appearance. Noses are especially common as a body part that is never satisfying or perfect. When we take our self-worth and align it with unachievable standards of beauty, we tend to meet pitfalls. To combat this, there are many steps that can be taken. From plastic surgery, like rhinoplasty Sydney, to simply not adhering to conventional looks, there is a lot to be said about loving your nose.


Cosmetic Enhancements

The cosmetic transformation that your nose can undergo is quite magnificent. You could simply take advantage of a well-known and skilled doctor who can make the changes you require. This includes you going under the knife to get an end result that you have always wanted. Of course, nose surgery will not change your life but it will give you the means to feel better.


Not Feeding Into the Obsession

The ritual of bad comments and snide remarks begins when one is very young. This is especially true for young girls who are scrutinized about every single aspect of their life. So, when your parents, relatives, and other peers start to pick on your nose, you cannot feed into the negativity. Your pubescent years are when these comments will hurt the most, so it is best to own your nose and take pride in your appearance rather than falling into this trap.


Face tune is Not the Answer

Everyone knows the Face tune app by now. It is apparently an easy and cheap way to make yourself look like you had surgery done. So, if you think using Face tune will allow you to have the nose you have always wanted, remember that it is not real. You can play around with these filters and changes, but in the end, it does not make a difference on your actual face. Thus, a Face tune nose job will not fix your issues.


Your ‘Big’ Nose is Interesting

A lot of people with bigger noses tend to feel less attractive. However, it is easy to forget how interesting different facial symmetry actually is. Your nose is a diverse body part and one of the most prominent features of the entire face. Whether you have a long, classic, wide or pointed nose, it has its own beauty and history. Conventional beauty is no longer the standard to strive for and being comfortable in your skin should be enough.

 Feel Good About Your Nose

Uniqueness of Features

Every time you feel down about your nose, it is vital to remember how unique it is. And when you recall that this feature is a stand out on your visage, you will also be in awe of how unique you are as a person. Instead of getting a botched nose job, you can accept what you have been given at birth and celebrate it for its extraordinary facets. While this is easier said than done, the journey will only begin when you stop being so hard on yourself.


Body Image

Body image issues are seldom out in the open. They are usually kept in the form of secrets, behind closed doors and lonely nights. Countering your nose relentlessly is another example of how negative body image can make you hate yourself. What this entails that you cannot be true to who you are, even with those closest to you. The solution is to take this one step at a time. You cannot end your self-hate in a single day so over the span of a few months practice it. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and make mistakes, but remember that your nose is a part of you and your body. Therefore, the goal is to cherish it.


Identify Your Concerns

The advice given above would be quite useless if you do not understand what your main issue with your nose actually is. Your surroundings and external opinion may just be one factor, but this issue can also stem from an intrinsic point. Perhaps you aim to look like a model or celebrity band your nose is making that difficult. Or you are plagued by beautiful friends or siblings while you find yourself to be ordinary at best. Once you identify the internal reasoning for your pain points, you will be able to conquer them more easily.



There is no set method or solution that will make you love your nose overnight. But, you can follow the given tips to make the process a bit simpler. Your crooked nose with all its imperfections may suit your face better than a straight and pointed one. The size of your nose should not be holding you back from fulfillment in life, which is why you have to take these steps to make yourself accept it.


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