Guidelines For Article Submission

Please read the guidelines for submission below before submitting an article for publication:

  • 1) Original content only will be considered. Must be unique and any content already submitted or published elsewhere (even on your personal blog/website) will not be considered. All submitted content will be verified via Copyscape for uniqueness and rejected if found published elsewhere already as copyright busting or plagiarism will not be tolerated. Article submissions in Word format only. You also agree that once your content is published on our website, it becomes our property to store, distribute and promote (your links as 5) below will be kept intact; not to worry!).
  • 2) The topic must relate to health, fitness, and beauty niches. As we are still growing our website, we are more than willing to accommodate any relevant articles which will edify our readers.
  • 3) Length of all articles to an absolute minimum of 800 words (excluding bio when applicable). Where necessary, we will edit grammatical errors; we, however, need you to please check your grammar before submitting; too much editing required from our side will cause rejection.
  • 4) The tone of the article to be positive, inclusive, friendly, and easy to read. A humoristic approach is fine if the topic under discussion permits humor that will not offend anyone.
  • 5) Keywords and keyword phrases are to be used sparingly. When you write for us, focus on quality content, not on boosting SEO. We are more than happy to allow for a bio of 2-3 sentences at the bottom of the article which includes a link to their own blog/website (subject to 6) below). Until further notice, we will accept one only do-follow link within the article body; we reserve the right to remove any extra links included in the article submitted.
  • 6) No acceptance of any content (or links) which includes porn, libel, slander, plagiarism, copyright busting, or swearing (or to any website we consider undesirable).
  • 7) Once your content is published, you will be advised of the link. Please share this with your friends and family via email, your blog/website, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media.
  • 8) Tip: Writing from a viewpoint contrary to the norm can spark an unprecedented response; this means more eyeballs on your content. Something worth considering…


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