Inside Israel: The Startup Nation

The tech scene has a new key nation; Israel has risen to the status of a tech startup nation, drawing attention from across the globe through its success.  To learn more about Israel’s current reputation as the startup nation, it is important to consider how Israel came to its current state.

Israel has been drawing in significant amounts of capital flow.  In fact, in 2021, Israel received 28 times more capital flow per capita than the United States.  This is one example of many of the resources that have gone into building the new startup nation.  There are other striking numbers as well.  For instance, Israel invests 4.1% of its GDP into R&D, which is more than twice the OECD average.  Additionally, Israel’s cybersecurity startups raised $8.8 billion in 2021, tripling the amount raised in 2020.  This is only one section of the tech sector; the entire sector sees similar success. 

Israel’s tech reputation is recognized across the world; it is ranked second in the world for R&D expenditure per capita and ranked third in the world for the number of AI and machine learning startups.  It also hosts R&D centers for large companies like Samsung, Cisco, and HP.  Doing so helps cement Israel’s place as a main player on the global tech stage.

Tel Aviv sees its own specific startup success as well.  In fact, Tel Aviv is the 7th largest startup ecosystem in the world.  Its patent count has increased by $169 since 2021, and its startup value was $120 billion in 2022.  Clearly, Tel Aviv is a center for technological growth.

On the global scale, Israel ranks second in terms of world venture funding per capita with $1 billion or more.  It has created a thriving tech scene for innovators and fostered the growth of countless businesses.  Understanding Israel’s position is important in understanding our changing technology and global society.