Athlete’s Suggested Lifestyle Routine For A Healthy Body and Mind

An athlete’s life may seem quite happening on the outside but if you take a closer look into their daily routine you may find yourself amazed. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. The hard work, dedication, and vigorous training that athletes subject their body and mind to, are often left unseen.

Today, we will share some of the tips that athletes suggest everyone should inculcate in their daily routine.

Wake Up Early In The Morning

Most of the athletes would swear to this habit. Even the old kindergarten rhyme suggests, ‘early to bed and early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ Evidently, getting up early in the morning gives you enough time to complete your tasks within the daylight hours. Or if not, the latest you can finish your tasks by sunset, which means you can get enough time to spend with your family and even get some sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours.


Have A Healthy Breakfast

A success mantra that almost every athlete would suggest is to have a healthy and wholesome meal in the morning. According to the experts, the first meal in the morning should be rich in fibers, nutrients, and of course, carbs. Eggs, non-dairy products, oats, muesli, coconut water, nuts, and fruits and seeds can supply your body with enough energy to go through the whole day. In addition to a healthy breakfast in the morning, you should also focus on staying hydrated all day long. Drink plenty of water to keep your bowel movements smooth. This way, you can digest all the essential nutrients from your food more efficiently.

Practice Some Workout To Flush Toxins

The next thing is to include a session of workout into your routine. As you grow old, your muscles and bones become stiffer and progressively degenerate. However, including a session of mild to extensive exercise into your daily routine can help sweat out all the toxins that degenerate your body. Moreover, regular exercise can help refine your breathing and keep your cardiovascular performance in top-notch condition.


Regular Stretching To Maintain Swift Movements

Apart from regular exercises and a healthy diet, athletes also suggest practicing some stretching exercises as well. Experts from explain that with growing age, the joint muscles and tissues including tendons and ligaments lose their elasticity. Proper stretching exercises can help revive their performance. In addition to this, such exercises are also great for people who suffer from arthritic pains and inflammation in their joints.

Routine For A Healthy Body and Mind

Indulge In Tasks With Family & Friends

Till now, most of the suggestions were to help you maintain your physical health. But, without a healthy mind, a healthy body is of no use. So, you also need to maintain your mental health. According to Simone Biles, a US Boxing champion, spending fun moments with her family and friends help her relax and gain focus before any big game. You can perhaps spend time with your friends and family members doing routine work, helping them with their tasks, and meanwhile sharing your thoughts. All in all, it would help keep stress at bay and soothe your mental nodes.

Take A Binge Chocolate Ride Once In A While

While your dentist would suggest that you keep chocolates strictly out of your diet, athletes may disagree with them. In fact, Seb Rodger, a European athlete who also represented Britain in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil explains how chocolate has always been his weakness. However, he also suggests that binge eating chocolate can be a great way to relax, if only you do so seldom, or once in a blue moon. More to it, several studies suggest that chocolate can help with digestion and also boost the immune system. So, you can actually include chocolate into your diet.


Alcohol Might Not Be As Bad As It Is Famed

Another healthy lifestyle routine that can help you with maintaining your physical and mental health is alcohol. Well, not binge drinking but consuming it in small quantities has been associated with improved motor skills and better concentration. Moreover, alcohol also helps improve metabolism, especially red wine. And many of the athletes prefer spending their nights out (which are not so often), drinking with their friends. So, you can actually enjoy some time out of your hectic work schedule and relax having a drink or two, once a week.

Smoking, On The Other Hand, Is A Big No-No

While some of the sports personalities and even health experts may support consuming alcohol, smoking, on the other hand, receives a big NO. Smoking is attributed to the leading cause of breathing problems and many forms of cancer. In fact, smoking can reduce your lung capacity, and over time increase frequent fatigue attacks. All the work that you do to improve your physical health may turn in vain if you smoke even a single cigarette a day. Although, this does not strictly apply to cigarettes only. Smoking in all its forms is injurious to health.


Plenty Of Rest And Sleep, At The Right Time

At last, sleeping should be the most crucial part of your daily routine. It is the time when your body recovers from all day’s fatigue and repairs itself. A sound sleep of at least 8 hours is enough to restore your body back to its original state. Moreover, a sound sleep also helps keep several mental issues at bay including, anxiety and depression. You may find almost every athlete and sportsperson suggesting a sound and peaceful sleep through the night to help keep up their performance.


You do not have to be a sportsperson to stay fit or even practice a healthy routine. Remember, a happy life begins with a healthy body, followed by a healthy mind. Social and financial attributes of health follow only after you attain a healthy body and mind. It is the ultimate success mantra for all ages and groups. Regardless of which sport you like or where you live, you can follow these simple routine ideas and improve your overall health. And in no time, you shall see the results.


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