Yoga and Your Health

Yoga and Your Health

by Henry Walker

My Tumultuous Relationship with Yoga Changed Everything

Yoga has changed my life, my thoughts, my lifestyle, and what not!

I was belligerently trying to find a balance in my life, especially, when there was a need to balance the professional environment with personal attentiveness. For me, it was rather an impossible balance to achieve! I was not able to manage the ongoings around me and the obstacles arriving in my mental and physical health balance.

Luckily, I figured it out, and it has managed to change me!

My Day, My Yoga – I’ve been practicing Yoga for two years and it has become an inseparable element of my life. It has provided me with the comfort that calms down my anxieties, fears, and stress.

Under the beams of the sun, Yoga has been my friend, my mentor, my companion, and my inspiration.

More blessing to her who suggested me this way to stabilize my life, balancing everything ultimately. She is one of my office colleagues who has seen my unbalanced routine, stress, unhealthy eating habits, and ups & downs going inside my head! She has been constantly suggesting me to practice Yoga every day. She has taught me that it is a magic.

Yoga and Your Health

My journey towards a peaceful wellbeing started when just to experience what she has been saying, one fine day I decided to give Yoga a try. I joined a Yoga studio nearby my place. That was the time when the magic really began.

Over time, I’ve experienced that Yoga has been healing me from the inside and outside. It is an incredible experience that soothes my soul. I’ve learned that it is not only about keeping your body fine-tuned, it is also about listening to your body, giving answers to your mind & heart, and offering a commitment to self-preservation.

After attending yoga for approximately one year, I started practicing Yoga in the backyard of my house where nature’s treasure has been welcoming me every morning. Donning my t-shirt and yoga pants, I pick up my yoga mat, put on my favorite soothing playlist, and allow myself to flow away in the journey of Yoga, to live that intuitive moment.

This is how I started.

This is how I have been balancing my life through connecting myself to spiritual and healthier side of Yoga.

I discovered that Yoga is much more than we think. I am able to balance health and peace due to it.

Yoga makes me feel good about everything that surrounds me. Aligning with the healthier routine, I truly believe that not just Yoga, but healthy food habits play an active role in everyone’s wellness, too.

Women are more conscious and fragile than male. Often we lead to depression and hopelessness if something does not go on the right track. It’s obvious! Apart from the food, women have to come across natural changes from time to time, particularly every month.

With this in mind, hormonal imbalance is one of the major issues for women in this fast-paced digital lifestyle. Providentially, Yoga and a balanced diet have helped me improve my hormonal health. There are times when hormonal imbalance affects our mental and physical well-being. What’s more, it affects our appetite, weight, mood, behavior, and performance, but Yoga certainly holds the cure for it.

I suggest everyone should adopt a healthy lifestyle and perform Yoga in the morning, along with taking a proper diet which would make every day livelier, healthier, and joyful.

Let me tell you that if you want to be in tune with your body, mind, and soul, it’s the time to see how you’re heading towards your goal. Yoga shows how to bring harmony, peace, balance, and self-realization in our lives.

Think once. This is the right time to listen to your body and soul. Follow the rhythm of your breath and keep looking for what the next chapter has been holding in stock for you.

I’ve rolled up my mat and shared my yoga story, I’d love to hear from you. Share your comments and tell me how Yoga brings a spark in your life.


Author Bio: Henry Walker is a Content Strategist and Blogger for Healthy Planet. A writer by day and a reader by night, he is having an experience in writing an SEO-friendly, creative and informative contents for healthcare.

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