Cleaning the Body with an All-Natural Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Cleaning the body with an all-natural herbal parasite cleanse


Cleaning the body with an all-natural herbal parasite cleanse

Poisons secreted by parasites cause immune deficiency, which in 75% of cases results in cancer, 43% in yeast infection and 65% in cardiac arrest and heart attacks.

Deadly parasites enter the body through fish, vegetables, meat, and fruit that we buy in the supermarket.

The most important types of parasites are bobbin worms, tapeworms, and suction worms. If they end up in the stomach, liver and/or blood vessels, they can reach a length of 20 cm. Every day, they lay up to 240,000 eggs, which, once absorbed by the stomach, end up in the blood and are then transported through the body, usually leading to a variety of health problems.

If you are strong and healthy, you generally can resist and easily recover from the harmful effects of parasites. If, however, you are already sick then pests can do great damage to the immune system and take a major toll on your health.

The Candida albicans is one of the organisms in the intestinal flora and belongs to the group of organisms that occur in the human mouth and esophagus. In 43% of the cases, there is such a huge amount of toxins secreted by the worms that it leads to chronic thrush.

If it is not treated on time, parasites cause serious damage to the immune system, which is not only unable to resist but also opens the door to other diseases. The body simply cannot possibly get rid of the huge amount of toxins produced by parasites, so they continue to multiply in the stomach, block blood vessels and poison the body. The first signs of worm infection are bad breath, acne, and blackheads.

Trichomonas (parasites in the blood vessels that can be destroyed by proper treatment with anti-parasitic agents) are responsible for 81% of cases of heart attacks and cardiac arrest at a young age. In 79% of cases, recurring headaches are due to parasites.

The lack of sufficient basic hygiene is one of the reasons for the presence of intestinal parasites. The parasites can be transmitted to humans through contaminated drinking water, eating raw or insufficiently cooked meat, fish and poultry, eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, through contact with animals and animals that are not dewormed or less frequently, through contact with other infected people.

Carriers of parasites form an important part of the world population. No one is immune to the “illegal” residents, the diseases they cause for a long time are asymptomatic or disguised as another pathology. The question of how parasites can be excreted from the body occurs to many pet owners, as well as to people whose lifestyles are associated with farming, livestock farming, frequent visits to exotic countries, etc.


Symptoms of infection:

  • rash such as blackheads and pimples;
  • bad breath;
  • high blood pressure;
  • headache;
  • flatulence;
  • pain in the heart region


If you have parasites (which can be detected by urine and stool), you should consider cleaning the intestines with an all-natural herbal parasite cleanse. The treatment is intended to purify and detoxify the colon and usually takes 2-3 months. Some health professionals recommend going for a pesticide twice a year, and suggest following it with a detox program never too late.

There is some fear when it comes to detoxing the intestines. Some fears are from concern and others from ignorance. The most common fear is that intestinal cleansing can also wash away the good bacteria. That’s right. Good and bad bacteria can wash away during bowel cleansing. However, that is no reason to neglect the hygiene of your intestines.

Good bacteria are also killed by the use of antibiotics. That does not stop you from taking antibiotics, does it? If you have had several antibiotics, chances are good bacteria are missing in your intestines. Just as intestinal cleansing flushes everything, so antibiotics kill all bacteria regardless of good or bad. Bowel detox agents and antibiotic treatments cannot distinguish good and bad bacteria.

You will not lose good intestinal bacteria after 1 purification. You can only get rid of the good bacteria in case of chronic complaints that require multiple intestinal cleansing. In such a case, Probiotics can provide a solution to supplement the good bacteria.

There are many drugs available to combat human intestinal pests, but the problem with many of them seems to be that they focus on a certain part of the body or they only target pests at a certain stage of development. Most parasites are able to migrate from one body part to another and have enough sense of survival to do that. Or parasite purification can kill the eggs but allow adult parasites to mate and reproduce and lay more eggs. Or drugs can kill adults and let the eggs hatch. Parasite drug cleaning can also be only one type of parasite that is of little use if more than one type of intestinal parasites is present.

Another thing is that pesticides are usually very toxic and can cause some nasty side effects if not taken in moderately small doses. Instead of destroying the parasites in you, you would end up getting sick with drugs.

Natural medicines or herbal cleansing to get rid of parasites appear to be more effective drugs since there usually is very few or no toxic side effects. It is a good idea to first try natural remedies before testing drugs.

No wonder many in about 85% of people who suffer from parasites around the world consider dealing with parasites without the use of drugs.

herbal parasite cleanse

Parasite Cleansing Kits

Thanks to the increasing concern about getting rid of intestinal parasites, there are now hundreds of parasite cleaning kits on the market. Just take the kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you will soon feel better.

Many of these kits are only riding on the current trend. Be very careful when choosing a kit. Do not base your choice on how quickly your parasites are expected to be eliminated from your body. Choose the safest and most effective of the parasite cleaning kits. Below you will find tips and guides when choosing kits:

Look for approval. Check if the product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or an equivalent institution in your area. Also, ask what it means if a product is approved by the FDA. Some approved products do not necessarily say that they are safe. It also means ingredients accepted but not really how these ingredients were combined and processed.

Seek the help of your doctor. They know better than you so rely on their professional advice.

Read the kit before giving it a try. Any money back guarantee is not a guarantee of success. This can be a trick to convince you to buy a product. Learn how the product actually works in a real-life scenario. Read forums and reviews about the product before purchasing.

Try a do-it-yourself parasite cleaning if you want a more secure way. But this will take a lot of time doing your research, choosing the right ingredients, and preparing everything.


DIY Parasite Cleanse

Here are some DIY natural parasite cleansing herbs:

Ginger plus garlic. Both ginger and garlic have natural properties that effectively kill parasites in the colon. They also have a special cleansing mechanism, useful for destroying parasite eggs. You can take these two herbs as a tea or eat them raw.

Cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hulls. This is a popular combination used as a DIY parasite cleaning. The black walnut hulls have anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties that can expel parasites and worms from your body. Wormwood works as black walnut hulls with its parasitic killing properties. Clove can kill parasite eggs.

When using these herbs, be extra careful when choosing. The hulls can retain their medicinal properties if they are harvested green but not when left until they turned black. When choosing wormwood, choose the Artemisia species. Fresh cloves are the best. Grind these for the drug properties. Parasites can last from three weeks to up to three months. Keep your surrounding area clean, wash your hands regularly, and avoid eating raw and fermented foods during the cleansing period. Drink filtered or boiled water while in the cleansing period. Remember, if a person in the house is infected, it is very likely that everyone else is also infected. Members and pets living in the same house should also be taken into account when doing parasite cleansing.


Side Effects of a Parasite Cleanse

Proponents of parasite cleansing say that herbal remedies can flush parasites out of your colon and intestines, allowing you to get rid of bacteria and organisms that can cause you to become sick or sluggish.

You can perform a parasitic cleanse at home or at the office of a specialist. Advocates of herbal cleanse say they are safe, efficient and healthy. Once you have consumed the parasite cleanse, it works its way through your digestive tract. It is said it kills and wipes out unwanted pests, parasites, and bacteria.

After ingesting a parasite cleansing product, you will most likely experience an increase in visits to the bathroom as the ingredients work to clean out your intestinal system. You may have diarrhea or other stomach discomforts. The process can make you feel tired and a little sluggish.

After a parasite cleansing, you can experience what is known as a “healing crisis.” This happens because the cleaning product floods your system and a large number of parasites or toxins are flushed out of your body all at once. Your body may be in a light state of shock after being exposed to this immediate rush. It can make you feel like you coming down with a cold. This can also make you feel nauseated.

During a parasite cleanse, always drink a lot of water. If you do not hydrate yourself enough, the toxins moving through your body will remain highly concentrated and as such make you feel dizzy, tired, nauseous, and possibly even with a throbbing headache.

The cleansing process will further dehydrate you until it is finished with your digestive tract, so you need to be especially careful about drinking enough fluids so you do not succumb to the effects of dehydration as well.

In addition to ridding the body of parasites and bad bacteria, the cleansing process can also kill many of the good bacteria in our bodies. These bacteria play a role in digestion and other body functions. Without them, you may not be able to digest certain foods effectively, especially dairy products. As a result, you may experience diarrhea and other stomach disorders until the natural levels of good bacteria are restored.


Natural Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Ingredients in these cleansing products may include black walnut, green walnut, and common cloves. You can buy these herbs at a specialty store.

The most commonly used parasite cleansing remedy contains a combination of black or green walnut, wormwood, and common cloves.

The three main herbs – black walnut hull, wormwood, and common cloves can help kill 100 species of parasites. Combine all three. The first two kill adult parasites and the last will kill the eggs. This solution is known to be effective against more than a hundred parasites.

Spices such as cinnamon and cloves are also effective in killing intestinal parasites in humans.

The use of herbs in meals every day can almost prevent the spread of parasites. Other natural remedies include eating foods such as pumpkin seeds, cayenne, and yogurt, all having quality anti-parasitic properties.

Foods that stimulate daily bowel movements are plums, dried apricots, orange juice, psyllium flakes, linseed, and sweet tamarind, a glass of warm milk with Ghee /clarified butter and coffee. Of course, it’s best if your bowels don’t need any aids. With our current food supply, that is almost impossible, unless you stay alert every day while shopping and cooking.


In conclusion

It is advisable to adjust your diet and lifestyle. With the right food for your body type and a good gastrointestinal function, your body cleans itself daily in a natural way.

30 years ago, one bowel cleansing per year was enough. Probiotics were also not necessary. Now we are so far that even 4-6 cleanses per year are not enough. Sad to see how our lifestyle and diet have changed…





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