In America we love our holidays and we particularly like to associate candy with every holiday.  Candy is sweet and delicious but it packs a high calorie punch that can greatly disrupt our healthy weight goals.

Holidays that have a candy focus:

  • Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Heart Boxes
  • Easter – Chocolate Bunnies & Jelly Beans
  • Halloween – Trick-or-Treat Candy
  • Christmas – Candy Canes

Let’s focus on some tips and tricks to lessen the sweet temptation of candy and stay on track with our weight.


Candy Avoidance Tips


Buy candy you do not like!

Sounds simple but it actually works.  My downfall is chocolate, so I avoid purchasing chocolate candy.  I am not a fan of Peeps but my kids love Peeps.  Problem solved, purchase Peeps make everyone else happy and you can avoid all the calories of that chocolate that is almost impossible to pass up on.  Whatever candy is your Achilles heel avoid that candy!

Eat dinner.

If you know you are attending a Holiday party eat before you go or fill up on dinner and pass on dessert.  Eating a real nutritious meal that is balanced in protein, vegetables and carbs can help you avoid scarfing a whole lot of sweet treats.  Many of our holidays include meals too, so fill up on real food first.

Never purchase holiday candy early.

Do not have temptation just a cupboard door away.  No one should live with close temptation.  Buy your Halloween candy or Valentine chocolate boxes the day before or the day of your event.  You may even get a discount because stores will start to mark the candy that is left down.  Less temptation, less cost, you win.

Chew gum.

Keeping your mouth busy can help stop mindless munching.   There are even health benefits to chewing gum.

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Pitch or donate leftover candy.

The minute Christmas is over, throw out all the candy canes that are left.  There is no sense in eating all that sugar right up to Valentine’s day.  Same with Halloween candy, throw out all leftover candy do not keep the temptation around.

Use substitute snacks.

Pick up some grapes or celery sticks and eat those instead of candy.  I know this isn’t as tasty but it will allow you to graze and snack with everyone else but avoid the calories and sugar.

Empty the candy bowl.

Do not leave candy lying around in a bowl or dish where you frequently walk past.  That makes it to easy to grab a piece every time you walk by.  Put candy up after a party, back in a cupboard where the door is closed and your eyes are not tempted.


Candy packs a lot of calories into a very small size and can easily set you back on your weight goals.  With a few strategies in place you should be able to avoid the pitfalls of candy consumption.


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