How Does Bad Breath Affect Your Health

How Does Bad Breath Affect Your health

by Mohd Rashid

How Does Bad Breath Affect Your health

Bad breath is embarrassing, no doubt! It can lower self-esteem and dent the charms of a smile. For that reason, nobody wants a stinking breath as it has only harms. It can rob you of friends as people generally avoid talking to someone whose breath is foul. The good thing however is, this problem is entirely preventable, and you can consult a dentist to end your misery sooner than you expect. Whether the situation has arisen due to poor oral health or some other factors, treatment options are there to cure or minimize bad breath and let your life confidently.


Here are ways in which bad breath can affect your health:

A sign of illness

Bad breath may not be an illness, but it can be a sign of some health concerns developing inside your mouth. It may indicate the presence of some medical or dental condition you need to get treated at the earliest. Since there is a link between your dental and overall health, it only makes more sense to not ignore any issue with your teeth, gums, mouth, neck or jaw muscle. Bad breath can be caused due to bad food choices or some medical conditions not treated as yet. In any case, you can get it treated and restore your confidence easily.


Periodontal Disease

If your bad breath does not go away in a few days, this may be a sign of periodontal disease. Allowing plaque buildup on teeth is one of the major reasons behind periodontal disease and you should know that well. If your oral hygiene is not up to the mark, or if you are not regular with brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning, this could easily allow plaque to form, or build up gradually and pose a variety of dental health risks. Periodontal disease can be extremely harmful if not treated in a timely manner as they often ruin the gums gradually.


Gum and Jawbone damage   

Eating garlic and onions could also cause bad breath. But such foods are never responsible for the persistent foul odor in your mouth. The smell caused by them often goes away in a single day itself and they actually benefit the body. However, if your bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene, it can then cause toxins to form in the mouth which often irritates the gums. And if gum issues are not treated in a timely manner, there will always a risk of gum and jawbone damage.


Tooth loss

Bad breath may not appear a serious dental problem on the surface, but its consequences could be grave for your teeth. If not treated in time, it could even lead to tooth loss or dental decay which is not an issue to get fixed that easily. For that reason, you should not take oral care lightly and rather brush, floss, clean your tongue and rinse your mouth regularly without fail. Poor oral care means you allow bacteria and plaque to cause havoc, weaken the tooth structure, irritate the gums and lead to tooth lose prematurely.


Kidney problem 

Bad breath could lead to kidney problems! The bacteria you allow to grow inside your mouth can enter your bloodstream and reach into different parts of the body. And when they risk kidney, your oral may develop infections or other health concerns. This is also how respiratory infections and heart issues are caused. You can however consult a top dentist Nassau county, get your teeth checked regularly to say goodbye to any dental problems. This is how you can leave a quality life with no issue to your teeth and gums ever.

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