How To Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

How To Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

Before we actually look at ways of how to get rid of white spots on teeth, let’s first consider what they are and where they come from. There are many different causes of white spots on teeth also known as hypomineralization of the enamel. Below are some of the possible reasons/causes for those annoying white spots to appear on teeth:


Decalcification Stains

White spots usually come to the front teeth, which in most cases involves decalcification stains. This often arises because of food bacteria in the oral cavity which convert sugars into an acid which attacks the enamel of the teeth. These are also called decalcification spots, which looks like a white spot on the tooth.

Decalcification spots are especially seen a lot among young people who have worn braces. Through the braces it is not only difficult to brush thoroughly, but in general young people are also less motivated to thoroughly clean their teeth. Decalcification stains are usually most visible once the braces have been removed; especially those areas on the tooth that were covered by the braces.

Tooth Mousse is a means by which the whitening spots on teeth may be reduced. The agent can be used temporarily, and you must first consult with your dentist before engaging in long term use.



The second possible cause of white spots on teeth is a too high exposure to fluoride in early childhood. This is also known as mottled enamel or fluorosis. Previously, the extra fluoride was added to drinking water or young children was advised to take additional fluoride tablets in order to make teeth enamel stronger. In addition, reduces the dose of fluoride in children’s toothpaste and extra fluoride tablets prescribed only on the advice of the dentist.



White spots in young children can also occur on the teeth caused by fever. The fever of the enamel-forming cells are more sensitive to an increase in body temperature. As a result, during the formation of the glaze, white spots on the teeth can arise.


Mouth Breathing

Finally, white spots on teeth are also caused by breathing through your mouth and not your nose while sleeping with an open mouth. As a result, the sensitive glaze on the teeth dries and results in white spots on the teeth.

How To Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

Fix white spots on teeth

The white spots on the teeth are annoying and many people resent those white spots. It cannot hurt, but many people would still like to fix this. The dentist in general offers two possibilities for their patient, but treatment is by no means limited to these only.

The first possibility is to bleach the teeth. This can only be done from the age of 14, but it is recommended to do until you are 18. Discuss this with your dentist as there are different types of tooth whitening methods and it is wise to make the choice in consultation with your dentist.

The second option is teeth bonding or composite bonding. Much more effective treatment when the white spots are restricted to a small area. The process consists of making the tooth surface rough before applying a bonding agent (usually in the form of a paste) to the roughened surface. The bonding is then hardened using a blue light or laser and smoothed. This should be done by a dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry, DO NOT just use any dentist for this procedure, or you may regret your decision.


The treatment of white spots on teeth is not necessary as these white spots do not hurt your health at all; people mostly do it for cosmetic reasons. Just make sure you are very selective in choosing the person with the necessary skills to do this…

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