How to Speed Up Healing of Adult Circumcision Surgery

by Angela John

Here’s How You Can Speed up the Post Adult Circumcision Surgery Healing Time

The circumcision surgery is one that helps with the removal of the foreskin from the head of the penis. As you go through this article, you will learn about some of the helpful tips for quick recovery along with tips that could help you to facilitate the process of healing. You should note that the foreskin is a protective skin that covers the head of the penis right from the time of birth, but when a child grows, it separates. At the age of three, a child can then pull the foreskin back.

In general, parents prefer this surgery at the time of birth for their boys, but the procedure can take place at any other age. Usually, the adult circumcision surgery in adult men takes place for a number of medical reasons, as well as religious and aesthetic reasons.  Although this practice of circumcision is a lot more common in younger age men, adult men also opt for it when things get beyond their control.

How to Speed Up Healing of Adult Circumcision Surgery

During the adult circumcision surgery, an experienced surgeon would push the foreskin from the head of the penis and trim the top off. Finally, they sew down the edges with the use of medical, dissolvable sutures. As the surgery goes on, surgeons can use one or a number of different other techniques for the surgical procedure, but after the procedure, the penis may swell and bruise for the first two days. You should also know that the surgery is not generally a painful one and some over the counter pills could help to ease off the pain.

Once the Circumcision Center surgery ends, the entire are of the penis covers with a dressing, so it is necessary that you consult your doctor when the time to remove it comes. You should wear slightly loose underwear that feels comfortable and helps to keep the penis in an upright position. Doing so will help the swelling to go down within the next few days of the surgery. You should know that the recovery time varies for everyone, but here are a few tips to help you recover well from the procedure.

1.     Over-The-Counter Drugs to Ease Your Pain

In general, the effect of local anesthesia lasts for about eight hours after the procedure. Once the effect fades away, you could use some over the counter drug to get relief from your pain, provided your surgeon would prescribe some. Depending on the level of discomfort, you feel you can take some aspirin, ibuprofen or Tylenol, which are available in pharmacies easily. You can consult your doctor and adhere to the instructions of the dosage that the back of the bottle shows.

2.     Change the Dressing Whenever You Can

Depending right on how often your doctor advices, you should apply some petroleum jelly as well as sterilized gauze in order to wrap the sutures gently. Post surgery it is generally advisable that you change your dressing in every 24 to 48 hours in order to ensure that the wound heals and does not bleed or remain open to infections.

3.     Keep the Wound Area Clean

After the circumcision surgery, it is important that you should keep the area of the penis clean as much as possible in order to prevent the infections. Try to keep the area dry after the surgery for at least 48 hours after. You can then take warm showers in the morning or evening and use a clean towel to dry the area gently. Avoid the use of fragranced soaps as they may cause some kind of irritation to the affected area. When you follow this tip, it will help to ensure that your penis remains free and dry from the effects of harmful bacteria.

4.     Wear Loose Fitted Pants

After your circumcision surgery, it is also advisable that you wear some pants and clothing that are loose fitting until the wound heals properly. This is an important step during the healing phase in which you will also have to reapply some petroleum jelly and apply the sterilized gauze. As you wear loosely fitted underwear, this will allow some of the air to go through to your wound, and increase the chances of the injury healing quickly.

5.     Maintain a Healthy Diet

After your surgery, it is advisable that you stick to your normal diet. However, if you experience any kind of stomach-upset problems a few days after your surgery, you should try some low-fat foods such as chicken, toast, boiled rice, and yoghurt. You should also drink lots of fluids, unless your doctor advices you otherwise.

6.     Avoid Any Strenuous Activity

After any surgery, it is normal that you feel tired. During this phase, you should try to get enough sleep as you can. You should know that sleep is quite important because it helps your body to recover well. You should avoid any form of strenuous activity including jogging, weight lifting, bicycle riding or aerobic exercises for at least four weeks after your circumcision surgery.

Along the care, tips we mentioned above, you should be sure to follow some care tips on your own. You have to consult your physician on a regular basis, especially if you experience any problem.

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