9 Things to Expect After Laser Hair Removal Utica NY

Laser hair removal has become quite popular these days, even in New York, because of the permanent solution that it offers. Its counterparts, namely threading, waxing, and plucking offer only temporary solutions. When you decide to go for a laser hair removal treatment, do keep in mind that the success of the procedure is highly dependent on your pre and post-treatment care. Therefore, you should know what to expect after your laser hair removal.


Here are some of those possible expectations you should keep in mind:


  1. Hair will still grow after the first few sessions

It is essential for you to keep your expectations at an achievable level. It is impossible for you to see results after your first session ultimately. Yes, it is normal for you to have hair growing back. Laser hair removal treatments usually have to be spaced between six to eight weeks, so on this downtime, you can, however, shave, if the little growing hair makes you uncomfortable.


  1. Skin will be overly sensitive

Before your first session, your technician will warn you to stay out of direct sun exposure for the first week after your laser hair removal treatment. If you are planning to have your laser treatment in the summertime, take note that summer in New York can tend to be quite warm, too. During this time, the treated area is highly sensitive to ultraviolet or UV rays, and unnecessary exposure may interfere with results.

If you must expose yourself to the sun, do remember to rub on sunscreen with SPF 50. Your dermatologist in New York should tell you about what you should and should not do post-treatment To know more, you can click here.

Laser Hair Removal Utica NY

  1. Minimal side effects

Like any other procedure, laser hair removal has its fair share of side effects as well. You may, or may not experience these, as each person’s skin reacts differently. Some of these side effects include:

  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Rashes

These side effects, however, are rare and minimal and tend to disappear within a few hours.


  1. Not perfect after the first session 

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is that it also does many other good side effects to the treated area, apart from just removing the hair. Many patients note that they observed their skin to look younger, to be smoother, firmer, less wrinkly, and even whiter.

However, remember that each person is different, so do keep your expectations at bay. You will not have perfect-looking skin only after the first session. For best results, ask around for reliable laser hair removal clinics in Utica, New York, like the following:

  • Milan Laser Hair Removal Utica
  • Medical Laser Therapeutics
  • Smooth Transitions Unisex Laser Therapy


  1. Hard work

Do not be tempted to be lazy to skip a session or move it for another day. If you want to see the best results, you should be consistent with your effort too! Do follow up, and even if you may think you are already satisfied with the results if your dermatologist tells you to come back one more time, then do.

Be consistent with coming in for your treatments so that you will be able to get every dollar’s worth spent on your treatments.

  1. Caution about medication

Some medications can tend to be photosensitive; hence, it might affect the efficacy of laser hair removal treatment.  Your technician will advise you to avoid certain medications such as antibiotics before and after your procedure. If, however, you may need to take medicines in between sessions, do consult your dermatologist as well.

They will often advise you to move your next session later so that the medication in your body will not interfere with the laser during the subsequent treatment.


  1. Results in three months

Laser hair removal can tend to be a long process. You will need to wait four to eight weeks again before your next session. Hence, it is only after the third month from your first session that you will begin seeing results. As cliché as it sounds, nothing worth having ever comes quick and easy! After a long wait, you will start enjoying your skin sans unwanted hair.


  1. Care for the treated area

Your beauty, cosmetic, and even life routine may not be as the same as it used to be. After every session, there are many products and activities that you should avoid. Some of these include:

  • Deodorant
  • Hot showers and saunas
  • Swimming in pools
  • Engaging in extreme sports
  • Perfumes
  • Detergent

The golden rule is to treat your skin like that of a newborn’s skin, after each session! Switch to milder alternatives of your beauty products and avoid any unnecessary activity that might cause skin irritation.


  1. The effort and expenses will be worth it

The last, but the most crucial expectation for you will bring you up in high spirits. Yes, you can expect that all your effort and all the money you put into your treatments will be worth it! Yes, you will see results, and you will no longer have to go back to regular waxing sessions ever again.



All these expectations will help you manage your laser removal treatment care more effectively. These will help you with more knowledge on how to handle your treated area so that you can see maximum results. Even better, all these sacrifices will be worth it. You can now say goodbye to all the hours you spend shaving, waxing, and threading, only to have all those hair grow back again.





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