Most Effective Testosterone Therapy

Most Effective Testosterone Therapy

What Is the Most Effective Testosterone Therapy

The most effective testosterone therapy in results and price for men is testosterone injections. Women get the best results with testosterone cream, compounded to their needs.

Testosterone therapy has been around for over sixty years, in one form or another. Gels, creams, injections, patches, pellets, and other types of testosterone have been on the market at one time or another. Testosterone’s legitimacy in modern medicine has long been questioned. For years, the medical community backed away from prescribing testosterone therapy over unproven fears of heart attacks and prostate cancer. Today, we know that is not the case, creating an atmosphere where we can once again discuss the most effective testosterone therapy, and prescribe its use for men and women dealing with Low T.

Low testosterone is a condition that can range from mild to debilitating. Prescription testosterone supplies the body with the testosterone that it no longer produces.

Whether you are a man or a woman, your hormone system operates under a delicate balance of circulating messengers. These vital chemicals carry out all necessary functions in the body. If any hormone is out of balance, it will likely trigger a cascading effect that impacts other hormone levels.

The most effective form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the one that will provide your body with the level of testosterone it needs. Testosterone therapy, as with any other type of hormone replacement, is customized to the individual’s needs. Blood analysis determines the level of deficiency, allowing the doctor to prescribe the appropriate amount of testosterone therapy.


Most Effective Testosterone Therapy for Men

Men with low testosterone levels have numerous options for treatment. Ultimately, the most effective testosterone replacement therapy for any individual is the one he will regularly use as prescribed.

That statement is essential to understand because if a man is prescribed a daily testosterone gel, but he finds it bothersome to use every day, he will not get the desired or expected results. Not adhering to the prescribing directions is a certain way to lose effectiveness from testosterone therapy.

Daily applications of testosterone gel and patches are not only time-consuming, but they bring the highest level of risk. Cross-contamination to other people must be considered when using testosterone replacement therapy. Another issue with transdermal or topical preparations is the uncertainty of how much testosterone penetrates into the bloodstream. Absorption is an unknown entity, and it may be months before we know how well the treatment is working.

Although gel and patch versions of testosterone are beneficial, they are not the most cost-effective testosterone therapy option. Their prices are significantly higher than testosterone injections.

Testosterone cypionate injections lead the pack when it comes to effectiveness, price, and ease of use. For one thing, you only need to inject testosterone cypionate on average of once every two weeks.

Second, injected testosterone provides the most effective testosterone therapy results for boosting bone density and muscle strength.

Third, testosterone injections are the lowest priced of all forms of TRT for males.

Finally, there is no direct risk of cross-contamination to others who come into contact with the treated individual. Since testosterone injections occur under the skin, there is no risk of skin to skin contact.

According to one study, men who used testosterone injections saw a bigger increase in muscle strength compared to those who received another method of treatment. Greater hip and spine bone density were also apparent when using injectable testosterone over topical or transdermal preparations.


Most Effective Testosterone Therapy for Women

Female needs for testosterone replacement vary significantly from those of males. The reason for the difference is the dramatically higher level of testosterone in the male body.

Since women start out with much lower levels of testosterone in their bloodstream, they do not need as much administered for hormone replacement. It only takes a low dosage of testosterone to make up the difference.

What is the most effective testosterone therapy for females?

Most hormone specialists prefer prescribing testosterone cream for women. A pharmacy compounds the cream to the specifications ordered by the doctor. The application is to a very small area of skin, and the cream absorbs quickly, providing superior results.

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