The Key Role of a CI/CD Platform

A mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform is crucial in today’s tech landscape. It is capable of automating the manual tasks involved in building, testing, and deploying mobile applications. The importance of a high-performing CI/CD pipeline in order to meet customer demands and ensure smooth operations can not be overstated. 

The demand for mobile apps is skyrocketing, with over 7.33 billion mobile users worldwide and more than 255 billion app downloads in 2022 alone. This trend is expected to continue as society becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices. Consequently, the demand for mobile app developers is projected to rise by 24% by 2026. In parallel, developers are delivering code to production faster than ever before. This accelerated pace necessitates the capabilities of CI/CD to stay ahead.

However, real-world challenges hinder mobile app production. There is a shortage of skilled mobile development engineers for Mobile DevOps, and evolving customer expectations contribute to high uninstall rates. Mistakes and buggy releases can push customers away, emphasizing the need for error-free app development. Additionally, industry inflation drives up costs while SaaS companies struggle to increase prices accordingly.

Despite these challenges, only 35% of developers have fully adopted a CI/CD pipeline. Leveraging this technology allows developers to catch bugs early and provide seamless mobile experiences that surpass customer expectations. Automated processes free up mental resources for developers to focus on creating better apps at a faster rate. Elite developers meeting reliability targets are more likely to use continuous testing, delivery, and integration. This leads them to experience enhanced maintenance, test reliability, developer and customer satisfaction, and reduced costs.

The top CI/CD platforms in the industry offer cutting-edge services such as build and test caching, advanced build pipeline management, release management, and support for native and cross-platform development. These platforms enable developers to automate, test, and release apps with confidence.