The rapid shift to cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate.  Organizations are now adopting the cloud for its cost savings, scalability, and flexibility.  However, the growth of cloud usage has led to security concerns and visibility gaps across cloud infrastructures, leading to more security risks and lower mean time to resolution (MTTR).  Cloud monitoring has thus become essential to reduce risks, improve performance, and prevent overspending on network infrastructure.

Businesses must recognize that the cloud is here to stay, with 94% of enterprises using the cloud in some capacity.  Additionally, 48% of organizations store their most sensitive data on the cloud, and 50% of business workloads run in the cloud.  Despite the growth of cloud adoption, organizations report widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure, lacking visibility across cloud operations.  This issue is compounded by the fact that modern cloud tools do not deliver an end-to-end picture, making it difficult to track internal users, remote users, VPN users, cloud applicants, and more.  Furthermore, basic tools cannot handle the evolving complexities of modern cloud architectures, leaving organizations with serious blind spots.

To address the limitations of cloud monitoring, advanced monitoring solutions are necessary.  These solutions provide end-to-end visibility across the entire connected network, reducing security risks, lowering MTTR, and increasing business value.  With proper monitoring, organizations can reduce the likelihood of security breaches, minimize downtime, and ensure the smooth functioning of cloud infrastructure, resources, and applications.

Implementing visibility with cloud monitoring tools is critical to reducing security risks, lowering the mean time to resolution, and increasing business value.  Advanced monitoring solutions can reduce end-user device security incidents by 50% by eliminating visibility gaps, and reducing delays in troubleshooting network performance.  Moreover, 99% of decision-makers see a direct link between cloud visibility and business value.  In conclusion, cloud monitoring is an indispensable tool for organizations to ensure the secure and efficient operation of their cloud-based platforms.  

With a proper monitoring solution, organizations can benefit from end-to-end visibility and prevent overspending on network infrastructure, leading to peace of mind for businesses and their customers.