7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Winter

7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Winter

by Stella Evans

7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Winter

The fast approaching winter can make you long for and look forward to long, cozy and cold nights in bed, and hot chocolates by the fire. During winter, it is understandably normal to maintain a sedentary lifestyle, because moving is just a little too difficult in the cold weather. Maybe go back to being active again in the spring?

Staying fit does not choose its seasons and being healthy should be round the clock. If you are physically active, a little tweak in your fitness routine is good and can even help keep your drive in being active. Sure, sleeping in from time to time is acceptable, but staying fit is important and should be constant. After all, being fit and healthy will help you avoid critical illness. Here are 7 easy ways to stay fit during winter.

  1. Find Ways to Workout Indoors

While jogging can be quite impossible with the cold temperature outside and going to the gym may prove to be a challenge because of the cold, you can find other ways to keep your exercise routine active. Find ways to stay active and workout indoors. You can definitely work out at home by either using exercise equipment, or you can choose the types of exercises that do not require equipment.

Remember the leg, arm and core routines that your instructor taught you while going to the gym, and complete the sets required at home. This way, you can keep your routine active even when you do not leave the house.

  1. Get Moving

You probably heard this many times, but only because it is true. Get moving and stay active, especially during winter. It may be tempting to stay in bed and be sedentary for a few months but there is no alternative to being physically active and healthy.

You can start with working on household chores that you’ve been putting off for a while. Those shelves that need dusting and cleaning – now is the best time to get on with them. Clean the house, brush the corners and spots. Moving is one way to be fit and also elevate your body heat.

  1. Try a Winter Sport

If you are the junkie type and would still love to go outdoors even on the cold weather, this is for you. Winter sports such as skiing and hockey are great ways to stay active and fit, with all the exercise and body moving you will get. True, one needs to know how to balance on the ice to try this, but if you like to stay fit and you’re into sports, this is your best shot.

  1. Practice Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation has been a long and ancient tradition by the Hindus that has been shared to many cultures. It is now being practiced in many countries all over the world to promote relaxation and de-stressing techniques. One of the most popular concepts of meditation is being able to control the body, or mind over body. Meditation is key to relaxation of the body and keeping the body and mind in check.

  1. Sleep Longer and Better

Sleep is important and is a basic necessity for health and survival. It is as simple as that. Being able to sleep completely at night time is essential for brain and organ regeneration. During sleep, our organs work double time to regenerate cells as compared to when we are awake. While your body may be used to a few hours of sleep, it is important that you complete the advised sleeping hours to stay fit and alert.

  1. Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are an ancient tradition from the Southeast Asian cultures. Herbal teas, from its name “herb”, have natural components from some of the healthiest plants that can prevent and cure specific illnesses. Some people drink tea to make them feel better. However, most people drink tea to prevent illnesses and because of the significant health improvements it brings to those who drink it.

  1. Be Conscious of What You Eat After You Exercise

Exercise burns up carbohydrates in the body. During winter, exercise can help maintain body heat to fight away the cold. In this regard, exercise also burns up twice as many carbs in the cold weather. Therefore, it is important that you plan an appropriate meal that can replenish carbohydrates and protein that your body needs. Meals such as starchy fruits and vegetables can replenish carbohydrates, while fish or meat can take care of the protein needs.


It’s okay to procrastinate a little during winter. Give yourself a break and stay cozy in this cold weather, but it is important to keep your body fit and healthy at all times. You may make some changes on your physical routine but be sure to always keep your health in mind.

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