Best Face Wrinkle Treatment

Best Face Wrinkle Treatment

The best face wrinkle treatment is following the simple steps discussed below, as proposed by leading dermatologists. You can prevent 90% of potential wrinkles from forming ahead of the natural age at which they will start appearing. Fine wrinkles are not ugly, and of course you cannot stop the aging of your skin, but you also do not want to get wrinkles before your time.

Best Face Wrinkle Treatment

Not just your biological clock will affect how quickly your skin ages, but also environmental factors like the sun, dehydration and nicotine. By internal or intrinsic aging, you get a thinner, paler and more brittle skin. External or extrinsic aging gives a leathery, wrinkly yellowish skin crumbled and clotted elastin, and often pigmentation and rough spots. The good news is that you will now learn how to fight off this form of aging. Let’s consider some of the best natural ways to get rid of wrinkles on your face:

1 Protect yourself from the sun

The biggest wrinkle producer is the sun. It is estimated that ninety percent of wrinkles is caused by sun damage. The damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation (UV) on your skin is even greater than that of all other factors together. The best anti-wrinkle cream is therefore a sunscreen which you apply every day and in all seasons. Take one with a high protection factor (from 15), which not only protects against UVB, but also against UV-A light. Both are playing a role in the aging of the skin.

Is also found in some day creams is UV-filters (SPF, Sun Protection Factor). Remember to always wear your sunglasses when the sun shines; this is probably the best protection against wrinkles forming around your eyes.

2 Do not smoke

Smoking can cause your skin to age as much as ten to twenty years earlier. Nicotine reduces the blood supply to the skin, and elastin and collagen are degraded. In addition, the cigarette smoke that spirals along your skin on the outside also has an aging effect. The result: more wrinkles and a dull, less elastic, dry skin.

Best Face Wrinkle Treatment

Smoking plays a greater role in how fast your skin ages than your genes, according to research. Smokers do not only have more wrinkles, they also have a 40 percent thinner skin than those at the same age who does not smoke.

3 Ensure a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep makes your body produce more growth hormones too. According to the American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone Michigan State University, it helps prevent wrinkles and keep skin elastic and thicker. Chronic sleep deprivation would just cause premature skin aging.

4 Move

Regularly exercise lets your body produce a lot more growth hormones; which according to the theory of dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, should bring about less wrinkles. Moving also promotes blood circulation in your skin, so that it gets more oxygen and essential nutrients.

5 Relax

When you lower your stress levels by participating in some sort of entertainment such as a game of tennis, a night out, or meditation – your skin will stay in better condition. Stress increases your cortisol levels, and that is not good for your skin, says Brooke Seckel Rutledge. He is an American authority in the field of treatment of skin aging and associated with Harvard Medical School. In his book Save Your Face, he explains: “Chronically elevated cortisol levels have a profound and dramatic effect on the cells of your face and body: they exacerbate the aging of your skin from within by direct damage to the collagen. Cortisol is very harmful. If you remain constantly raised, you draw from your cells. “

Best Face Wrinkle Treatment

6 Use a mild cleanser

Refrain from washing your face with soap, it dries out your skin and does not remove all traces of makeup. Instead, use a mild cleansing product that is tailored to your skin type.

7 Moisturize

Using a moisturizing cream will prevent your skin from drying out. The fat in the cream makes sure that your skin retains moisture better. It puts a film on the skin, causing the moisture in the skin to be retained and not evaporate. The result: a skin which looks better and is a lot smoother.

8 Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, makes the skin smoother and lets the blood flow to your skin which makes the skin glow. Once or twice a week scrubbing with a special scrub your skin looks fresher too (unless you have a very dry or sensitive skin, then once only is recommended). An older skin is slower in producing new skin cells. It is therefore imperative that you exfoliate to remove dead cells otherwise you skin will be very dull. Regular exfoliation is the best way to generate new skin cells for a glowing appearance.

Best Face Wrinkle Treatment: Anti-wrinkle serum?

Widely considered one of the best solutions for wrinkles. When your wrinkles are mainly from exposure to the sun, it is best to use a scientifically proven product which contains vitamin A acid or tretinoin. Vitamin A acid serves generally to cause quicker growth of the skin’s outer layer. When used for an extended period, the epidermis becomes thicker. The result is a skin in which the small wrinkles are “ironed out”. To keep your skin’s smooth appearance you need to continuously practise the application of the serum. Vitamin A acid also reduces age spots. Of course there are drawbacks: the substance may cause sensitivity to sunlight and skin irritation, moreover, it can lead to whitening your skin because it reduces pigment in your skin. In this instance, you will have to get a stronger vitamin A acid containing product only available on prescription from a doctor. In cosmetics only a mild variant of vitamin A acid is used, namely retinol which has a lesser effect on wrinkles caused by the sun. Read more on best anti-aging face creams

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