Baby Monitors – Is It Time To Take The Monitor Down?

Baby monitors are surely one of the main top things parents look into when setting up their registries.  Countless hours of comparing what each one can do, and the benefits.  Whether it has an app that can be downloaded on its phone, or even some that have little ankle monitors your baby can wear when sleeping.  Baby monitors can be very expensive but do give parents the peace of mind of allowing them to check in on their child whenever needed.  


When should you stop using your baby monitor?

The key question some new parents have in regards with a baby monitor is when to stop using the baby monitor.  It is completely up to you.  You get to decide when it is right for you and your child.  There are lots of different things that could cause you to need to keep a watchful eye on your little one. 

Some reasons that you may need to keep an eye on your child is if they are a preemie, or if they have a medical condition.  If your child is still tiny and could get their arm or leg caught in the crib somehow, being able to peek at them may give you peace of mind. 

Or if you have a very adventurous child who likes to try and escape their crib. 

The layout of your house may make a play into the use of a baby monitor.  If your child’s room is upstairs while yours is downstairs, or the whole way across the house, it may make it hard for you to hear them if they cry or call out to you in the middle of the night. 

Even after 6 months some children still wake up and need night feedings.  If your child needs one of these, being able to check on if they are truly waking up or just readjusting can help so you aren’t going in there every time they are making a noise thinking they are hungry. 

For an older child who may sleepwalk, or like to wander at night a camera baby monitor may be beneficial so you can immediately check to see if they are up wandering or safely tucked into bed. 

Some children benefit from monitors where their parent’s can talk to them, reassuring them they are safe or helping soothe them back to sleep. 

Keeping the monitor in your toddlers room may give you peace of mind when transitioning them out of the crib. 

At the end of the day you know your child best so you will know when it is time to give up the baby monitor. 


Warning Signs It Is Time To Let The Monitor Go

There are some red flags though that may indicate the monitor is doing more harm than good.  This can be for yourself or the baby.  Waking up at night multiple times to check the monitor is going to leave you exhausted.  Along with this if you wake up to every noise that is made, cough, sniffle, grunt, or roll over you will be just as exhausted.  This is not good for you or your child so it may be time to take the monitor out of their room.  Waking up with every noise and running into your child’s room could potentially wake them up if they were just readjusting, and cause a big affair of trying to get them back asleep.  As well as causing too many disruptions can cause your child to not be able to self soothe, or get the rest they need.  

Some people will give the monitor up as early as 6 months old.  Other people wait till around 4 years.  Any time after the age of 4 may cause your child to have anxiety about why you have a monitor still in their room.  They may feel as though they aren’t safe in their house or room and that is why you have to keep a watchful eye on them.  By 4 your child should be fully adjusted to sleeping alone in their big bed with no trouble.  There shouldn’t be a need to watch them sleep.  They are also more aware that they are being watched.  If your child can safely come and get you if they need you that may also be a sign that you no longer need the monitor.  



There is no exact rule of when you have to give up the baby monitor.  Some people find that being able to watch their child, or turn the monitor on when they need it is helpful.  Maybe once they have switched to toddler stage you can switch to an audio only instead of the camera if your child is on the other side of the house.  When it becomes an issue is when it is affecting your own sleep, your child’s sleep, or you are feeling anxious when you aren’t able to check on your child.  If those things start to happen then something should change.  



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