Get Fit Spring Clean

Exercise is one of those things that many of us do not enjoy doing.  Consider this, there are many things that we do on a daily basis that get us moving and that are also physically challenging. 

  • Carrying your toddler through the store.  – Weight Lifting
  • Hanging clothes on the line to dry.  –  Shoulder Stretching
  • Vacuuming the carpet.  – Aerobic Exercise
  • Housecleaning – Increases Flexibility (bending and stretching)

All of these house keeping chores burn calories and that is good for your weight and healthier than sitting in front of the television.  But think of Spring Cleaning as a champions workout.  This Spring you can bump up your exercise routine and prepare your house for the year ahead while improving your overall fitness level.


Bend & Stretch

Dust those base boards.  Duck walk or get down on your hands and knees and go all around the perimeter of every room to get the winter dust removed from your baseboards.  This dust is often hard to notice but it is there.

Don’t forget your walls.  That’s right, reach way up and way down wiping down all the walls in your home.  You may think your paint is fading but it is just dust accumulating.

Now what about those windows?  You are heading into Spring and you will want to let all that beautiful sunshine into your home so it is time to clean those windows.  This is a great arm and shoulder workout.

Once your windows themselves are clean get the blinds and curtains cleaned to.  Wiping down blinds and washing curtains doesn’t have to happen every week but Spring is a good time to remove all the dust that has accumulated.  This is work, keep in mind however you are also working out your body and getting stronger.


Weight Lifting

Clean out your closets.  That’s right move everything out, this will strengthen those muscles just like lifting weights.

Move your furniture and vacuum under everything.  Yes, sofa included.  You may be surprised at what you find under there.

It is finally warm enough to clean out the garage.  Take everything out.  sweep off walls, sweep the floor, organize your stuff and then you can move it all back in.  This will burn some serious calories.



When cleaning the simple fact that you are bending over, stooping down and standing up again will get your muscles working, calories burning and get you looking toned.

You can get fit from cleaning your house.  The bonus:  not only will you have exercised your body but your home will be a healthier environment to live in.  So clean like you mean it and reap the health rewards.