What are the benefits of Lasik eye surgery?

benefits of Lasik eye surgery

LASIK, or laser in-situ keratomileusis, is the most common eye procedure these days in order to correct various vision problems. Although this is not an old technology but has spread like a fire; there is an increasing number of people each year choosing LASIK laser eye surgery for the correction of near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism.

benefits of Lasik eye surgery

During the surgery, your surgeon will make an incision across your cornea, raises the first flap of tissue and reshape the cornea to correct the vision. Once you are all prepared with your budgeting and knowing the fact that it is, after all, a medical procedure, it requires a complete mental affirmative approach. You need to be prepared for all the aftercare post-surgery.

Laser eye surgery is the most revolutionary treatment that has ever happened in the last 30 years for those with poor vision. It is a matter of priority and the preference of your lifestyle that you may follow, whether or not one should go for it, to get rid of their glasses. The whole procedure is done with laser technology. Traditionally the eyesight is corrected by bending the refractive rays with the help of glasses lenses. However, reshaping the cornea will also provide necessary refracting and correction in vision. The recovery time after surgery is very minimal and within a couple of weeks, you will be completely normal. There are lots of people who have high-powered glasses due to the greater intensity of vision error. It is a bliss for those since they can get rid of their disability to see properly.

The normal for people with weak eyesight is actually wearing glasses or lenses, but after LASIK eye surgery you would feel something more than normal. Think about looking at the clock on your room’s wall without wearing your spectacles, right after waking up. What an epic moment this could be. It might be just a small everyday example. There are several other reasons going for LASIK eye surgery, that tells us that it is a good option for improving your vision:


1.    Improved Vision

The list is in no particular order but if it was, even then I would have placed improved vision in the top priority because this is what LASIK laser eye surgery is all about. Most of the people will see at least 85% of the improvement in their vision, depending upon their individual vision problems. Many people are also enjoying nearly perfect or perfect vision after the treatment.

As I said above, there are some petty things in our life that we take for granted. Improved vision can be a blessing for performing various tasks; like going swimming, playing football with your grandchildren or children, or walking in the rain with your loved one, and so much more. With improved vision, life could be so much better and would enable you to perform many activities in peace to enjoy the utmost pleasure.

benefits of Lasik eye surgery

2. Almost no pain

LASIK laser eye surgery is completely free from any pain. Most of the cases are performed without any bandages or stitches unless there is a requirement of an incision. The recovery time for this surgery is usually within 24 hours, and after that, you can resume your normal activities. You do not have to worry about the post-surgery care since it is absolutely pain-free and you do not have to deal with bandages after surgery, while you are recovering.


3. Long-lasting Results

LASIK laser eye surgery has a faster and quicker recovery procedure, with long-term results. It takes a few months to recover and adjust your vision but the result is permanent. You do not need further surgeries for treatment, you just require a follow-up if/when your eyesight changes with your age. It is indeed a permanent and risk-free solution to your weak eyesight and rather Safer one in comparison with the contact lenses. Contact lenses do greater damage to your eye, in the long run, taking your power of sight completely. Hence, once you have invested your money in the laser eye surgery, you do not need to worry about any other expenses further for its long-lasting attribute.


4.  Greater Confidence

Gone are the days when wearing glasses used to be a style statement. Now everyone is self-conscious and worry about their vanity in order to stand out and join the crowd of the current fashion trend. Wearing glasses sometimes can lower your confidence and self-esteem. There are few cases where the customers have reported that getting LASIK eye surgery has impacted their confidence level positively. Getting rid of any dependency is in itself a confidence booster. Depending on wearing aesthetic instruments or contact lenses leaves you perplexed rather than having no worries of eyesight issues. Getting free of any extra work involved in getting ready also leave you in lesser stress and revive your confidence.


5.  Better career opportunities

Have you ever seen any big superstars wearing glasses on any big event lately? well, I have a list of names who have gone through the laser eye surgery, in order to correct their eyesight. The names are listed below:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Tiger Woods
  • Brad Pitt
  • Courteney Cox
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Richard Branson

I do agree that having no vision problem can give you better confidence, but it is also important to achieve better careers. Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise wouldn’t have been able to pull off their Hollywood careers if they were wearing glasses. Similarly, there are few Industries where they require their employees to have perfect eyesight due to the nature of their work. Getting into the career of your choice takes a great deal of hard work and prerequisites. you cannot even think about getting into a military post if you do not have the correct vision. do you think that anybody could end up being a sniper as a career if they are short-sighted or long-sighted? Having corrected your vision through LASIK eye surgery, will broaden your job prospects and widen your career choices.


6.  No more contacts or glasses

Taking care of your glasses and contact lenses takes a great toll on your time to get ready and it is a constant dent in your pocket in buying and upgrading them. Contact lenses estimated cost is around 375 to 450 dollars each year for the extended wear quality. Getting rid of glasses can change your look radically and you can avail the option of wearing any style of sunglasses without spending a handsome amount on buying prescription sunglasses. LASIK eye surgery can eliminate the need for contact lenses that are harmful to your eyes, making them exposed to the harmful bacteria going into your eye every time you poke your finger to place the contacts inside. It can be a big relief to have nothing extra on your eyes to wear, except posing with your favorite branded sunglasses all the time.

Even though LASIK laser eye surgery requires a handsome amount of investment but eventually, patients experience huge savings on their contact lenses prescriptions and upgrading all other types of eyewear. People who undergo this surgery experience a great deal of reduction in the need of their classes or get rid of them completely.