CBD's Growing Role in Sports Recovery

by Kathy T. Cooley The first medical use of cannabis traces back five thousand years ago. Despite cannabis reputation as a drug, after a lot of studies and research, cannabis is gaining new friends. Professional athletes are beginning to reap the benefits of using cannabis to improve endurance, concentration, performanceContinue Reading

7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Winter

by Stella Evans The fast approaching winter can make you long for and look forward to long, cozy and cold nights in bed, and hot chocolates by the fire. During winter, it is understandably normal to maintain a sedentary lifestyle, because moving is just a little too difficult in theContinue Reading

8 Myths About Strength Training Busted

by Judy Robinson 8 Myths About Strength Training – Busted The one corner ignored by most women at every gym is where you find ‘weights’ for training. Well, it’s not their fault entirely. You find all kinds of absurd claims about strength training floating around. Remember that exercising or trainingContinue Reading

by Rocky Helton How can you make your workout more exciting? A workout is one of the easiest ways to live a healthy life. Nowadays many people are suffering from many different types of diseases such as diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, and heart attack. Therefore the best things toContinue Reading

6 Best Active Leggings for Workout

by Amanda Reid There won’t be any other piece of clothing as versatile as a pair of leggings. Having a couple of leggings in your closet is must if you love experimenting with different clothing styles. You can wear leggings with almost anything be it skirts, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, jackets,Continue Reading

Types of Sports That Kids Could Try

by John Martin On the world day of physical activity, what better than teaching how to play sports with children? It is very easy to say that we must play sports with our children, but the hard part comes when we have to choose an activity so they can exerciseContinue Reading