Why A Physical Therapist Should Be a Part of Your Health Team

Why A Physical Therapist Should Be a Part of Your Health Team

by Martin Kelvin

A Physical Therapist Should Be a Part of Your Health Team

Consulting a doctor at the right time is utterly crucial: however; it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t meet a physical therapist. Underestimating the significance of physical therapist is never a good idea.

The right way to recover from your injury is to include both a physical therapist and a doctor in your health team. In fact, when they work together, patients can see a significant improvement in their health.

So, whether it’s about treating injuries or healing the pain that stems from prolonged diseases, consulting a physical therapist can help improve a person’s overall fitness.


Reason’s you should consult a physical therapist


To Prevent Future Injuries

It’s correct that consulting a physical therapist increases one’s awareness of their overall health and overall well-being.

They also offer the right advice to patients in terms of avoiding future injuries. Since they educate the patients about right postural techniques and sleeping techniques, it helps in preventing pain and injuries in the future.


Subside Pain

There is little doubt that painkillers show quick results when it comes to mitigating the pain that stems from a wide range of conditions. However, it’s only a temporary solution. Yes, painkillers can address the primary source of an injury or an illness. Therefore, consulting a physical therapist can bring a world of difference in your condition. They use physical therapy techniques such as manual therapy, Kinesio taping, yoga therapy to minimize the pain. All these techniques help reduce pain and stiffness apart from improving circulation.

Improved circulation is the key factor in ensuring a quick recovery.  Since pain stems from injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints, therefore, proper circulation is essential for a quick recovery.

While talking of injured muscles or ligaments, proper nutrition is essential for speeding up the recovery process.

Until blood flow improves to injured muscles and tissues, they can’t heal quickly. Therefore, opting for physical therapy techniques like manual therapy and Kinesio taping help improve one’s health immediately.


They Can Design Best Workouts For You

After analyzing patients’ health condition and range of motion, the physical therapist gets a detailed idea of the patient’s ability to function.

It helps them in designing the perfect workout program for them. Physical therapists include the most effective t exercises in the treatment plan for ensuring a quick recovery.

It’s essential to incorporate effective exercises into the fitness program: otherwise, it becomes difficult to strengthen your muscles and joints.

A workout program that a physical therapist designs, focuses on enhancing joint and muscle flexibility. Improved flexibility is essential for returning to daily activities. Therefore, the physical therapist includes quality stretches in the workout plan to strengthen weak muscles and joints.


They Can Guide Your Nutritionist

The best part of consulting is that they can offer necessary guidance to your nutritionist. The physical therapist can guide the nutritionist about what is important for patients and based on that information the nutritionist can design a perfect diet plan.

In short, based on the advice of a therapist, the nutritionist can create an effective diet plan. They will ask you to you consume quality food that’s essential for healthy joints. For example, if you are struggling from arthritis; your nutritionist will incorporate foods like cherries, pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, red pepper, and salmon, etc., in your diet plan. In short, they will suggest foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D.

Maintaining a healthy diet can have a significant impact on your health fitness. You will feel energetic all day round. It will have an enormously positive impact on your life.


To Address Postural Issues

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of pain and discomfort; therefore, it’s essential to correct it.  Physical therapists are experts in correcting postural issues, so they can recommend the right exercises to address your problem. Getting rid of problems like back pain and neck pain that stem from poor posture becomes easy, with the help of physical therapy.


 To Manage Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common condition affecting a wide range of people across the world. The most common forms of arthritis include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and both of them result in pain. Since there is no permanent cure for arthritis, it’s better to consult a physical therapist for managing the joint pain that stems from conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that damages the cartilage – a protective tissue found in joints.


According to Body By Briggs, a well-known physical therapy clinic, “While we cannot repair your cartilage, physical therapy can reduce or completely alleviate your pain and swelling, which will help you improve your ability to walk, run, bend or reach.”

So, for conditions like conditions arthritis do rely on a physical therapist.

Besides, physical therapy is also an ideal way of treating back, neck, and shoulder pain that stems from injuries. In fact, it’s the best way to heal sports injuries such as ACL injuries, groin pull, rotator cuff tear, shin splints, tennis elbow and more.

Moreover, consulting a physical therapist at the right time saves patients from expensive surgeries, and the discomfort they cause.

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