A Beautiful Smile in Style with Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

The most important aspect of aesthetic dentistry is the ability to improve the appearance of a person’s smile and the overall quality of his life. Smiles have a strong impact on everyday life, both professionally and privately, a beautiful smile is the source of renewed self-esteem.

For many years cosmetic dentistry has been limited to replacing or rebuilding teeth. Today it proposes a personalized approach aimed at emphasizing the smile as a determining component of the face. It is a safe, fast and non-invasive alternative to face lifting and other procedures designed to make a person look younger and more attractive.

A perfect smile is as unique as the person to whom it belongs. Achieving perfection requires personalization and understanding of the aesthetics of the face and smile and the ability to design or create it.

The most important factor must be added to clinical procedures: the vision and creativity of the professional who does the work. All the best technologies in the world cannot replace a highly trained and experienced dentist.

The Perfect Smile:

From the first visit, it is necessary to use all the strategies useful to individualize the delicate approach to the patient, since, especially today, the value of a “smile design” in cosmetic dental clinic is based on not only dental knowledge but above all psychological, sociological and communicative.

Design the Smile:

A smile is a decision-making process that begins with an individualized and interdisciplinary approach, an objective examination and an aesthetic evaluation to determine the health of the patient’s teeth and oral cavity. The patient must describe what he hopes to change or improve.

The aesthetic digital visualization of the smile is available at many clinics having the cosmetic dentist, which uses the method of the Aesthetic Digital smile design, based on the use of photography and computerized technology. The “virtual smile design” allows you to communicate with the patient to view and correct the future smile on the computer monitor.

The patient can see his smile on the computer monitor (Aesthetic Virtual Planning) before and after the realization of the Smile Makeover; in this way the patient and the dentist can personalize and modify the final result together, eliminating any doubt about the future smile.

Aesthetic resolution step by step:

1st Appointment:

During the dental examination, study impressions will be taken by the cosmetic dentist where, x-rays, functional evaluations and a series of photographs will be taken from which with the computer visualization procedure, it will be possible to compare the images before and after the therapy and direct us to achieve the perfect smile.

2nd Appointment:

The next step is to proceed, agree with the patient and dentist decision, with direct composite or indirect reconstructions with ceramic veneers. The direct composite reconstructions are carried out in a single session and are indicated in the case of dental trauma (with the need for an immediate restoration), small/medium imperfections or carious lesions.

The reconstruction with the highest aesthetic index is indirect reconstruction with ceramic veneers. There are two basic types of preparation for ceramic veneers: traditional and minimal. With traditional veneers, the dentist must remove a small amount of enamel from the patient’s teeth. The “minimal or no-prep” facets require even less dental preparation and, often, there is no need to remove the enamel.

3rd Appointment:

Now you can proceed to the guided preparation of the tooth surfaces and the detection of precision impressions for the final veneers. The impressions detected on the dental preparations are sent to the laboratory, where the technicians will use them to create plaster models on which to model the ceramic veneers. You will return home with temporary veneers to calmly assess your new smile.

Meanwhile, the dentist and the ceramist will create definitive ceramic veneers that will be strategically designed to correct the defects that are interposed between you and your perfect smile.

4th Appointment:

The final veneers, after a few days, are adhesively cemented with care and attention after removing the temporary veneers. With this, you can now see a completely different smile on your face reflecting your enhanced beauty.

Clearly, cosmetic dentistry is for you when the goal is to improve dental health and achieve the best possible and most beautiful smile. So, visit a qualified dentist and get the difference from cosmetic dentistry.




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