10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Teeth

signs you're obsessed with your teeth

What’s the first thing you notice about another individual? Odds are your eyes are probably instinctively looking at their smile. You, and well more than half of the population. In fact, it’s been reported that nearly 78% of all individuals notice another person’s smile before making an assessment. Does that sound for reason enough to brush your teeth?

If you’re here today, you’ve probably done a lot more than just brushing your teeth. Your dentist recommends brushing twice a day. You thought you could one up by brushing four times a day. I mean, is too much of a good thing ever bad? Yes. That’s literally the expression. Too much of a good thing is never a good idea. Contradictory, I know.

If you’re someone who has an irrational fear of being judged over your oral hygiene. Odds are you’ve probably crossed the line into obsessing with your teeth. Don’t get me wrong here, you should take great care of your teeth. The simple fact is that your teeth have limited replicating potential once they’re past the primary dentition.

In simpler terms, a scar can heal but a broken tooth is gone for good. If you’re constantly on the lookout for cosmetic dentists in Brisbane or where ever you’ve resided. You can either be very cautious, or very obsessed. Here are ten tell-tale signs to show that you’re obsessed with your teeth:

  1. Brushing Twice a Day Is for People Who Don’t Care:

    After going through with your systematic disease profile, the dentist has one thing to say to everyone. ‘Remember to brush your teeth twice a day.’ Here’s a simple fact: this recommendation is a simplistic way of taking care of your oral hygiene. Most people are quick to disregard their oral health. Hence, dentists recommend a simple regimen to get the job done. If you’re obsessed, odds are you take brushing very seriously. To the point that no one has ever taken it before.

  2. You Have Floss In Your Hand Bag Right Now:

    Nothing is quite as dreadful as having someone point out that you have something stuck in your teeth. This is a dilemma most people are afraid of. It’s the equivalent of leaving the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Your quick fix? Dental floss everywhere.

  3. Slight Discoloration Worries You:

    Discolored teeth are not a pretty sight. However, in some instances, they’re temporary. For example, stains might appear on your teeth after a cup of coffee. These stains go away with one brush. On the off chance that you have to look at discolored teeth – you’d freak out!

  4. Your Bathroom Cabinet Is Packed:

    People have their bathroom cabinets filled with things they feel like they’ll need on a daily basis. You, on the other hand, have it filled with everything under the sun for oral care. In your defense, you genuinely think you’ll need them. Let’s make some room for those contact lenses, please.

signs you're obsessed with your teeth

  1. Even Your Gum Is Medicated:

    Every single person standing on the bus stop probably has gum in their mouth. How would someone spot you? Well, out of all of those people, you’re the only one with medicated gum. Chewing gum is seen as a one-time buy which is meant less for flavor and more to keep your mouth busy. You want what’s good for your teeth in everything.

  2. Smiling In All Angles In Selfies:

    All of us have a particular comfort pose for selfies. Some of us make the peace symbol, some of us pout – you smile. Now, smiling is seen as the easiest thing to do in pictures. It’s both timeless and looks cute. In this case, you’re only smiling to show off your pearly whites. You know yours sparkle the brightest and you want people to know.

  3. You Have a Designated Friend for A Quick Check:

    Ever worn a dress and asked someone whether you look good in it or not? You probably have, and they’ve probably said you looked fantastic. However, in your heart, you can sense the lie. Not that they genuinely think you look bad, but that they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This calls for a designated friend you know will tell you the truth no matter what.
    When it comes to your teeth, you’ll ask that person who won’t hold back the truth. She’ll point out that kernel stuck between your teeth. Making you feel both disgusted with yourself and proud of her for giving it to you straight.

  4. You Constantly Think Of Cosmetic Treatment:

    Your teeth are undoubtedly one of the first things a person notices about you. Hence, you need to work on your oral hygiene. Notwithstanding being a people pleaser, it’s also beneficial for your overall health. With cosmetic dentistry, there is a multitude of options. You’ve probably considered all of them at this point.

  5. The Periodontist Knows You By Name:

    If you’re obsessed with your teeth and you aren’t taking it from your friends or family. Take it from the dentist. You’ve probably been to his office a million times by now wanting teeth whitening or scaling. The ultimate goal is whiter teeth, and you want that constantly.

  6. You’ve Heard It Before:

    We’ve all heard about that one girl who’s obsessed with her face or that one guy obsessed with his abs. off the top of my head, I can name five of each category. However, I can’t recall a single person I’ve ever met obsessed with their teeth. Your friends can’t relate. They’ve probably mentioned it to you a million times by now.



And there you have it! 10 of the easiest and sure-fire ways to tell whether you’re obsessed with your teeth or not. There’s a fine line between hygiene and obsession, and I’m guessing you know where you stand.

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