Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

by Joe Labonte

There are many benefits of lemon water consumption every day. If you haven’t started drinking it yet, we will give you some reasons to change your mind. This article looks at all of these so that you can stay fresh, healthy, and hydrated.

All over the world, restaurants are starting to serve lemon water on a routine basis. Many people like to even substitute it for their tea or coffee in the morning. There is no doubt that the world loves citrus fruit, but is lemon water good for you? If so, what is lemon water good for? You may find some lemon dishes and drinks here if you are interested. In this article, we look at answering these questions and tell you more about the benefits of lemon water.

Keeping Hydrated

According to recent statistics from the Food and Nutrition Board, men should consume 125 ounces, and women should consume 90 ounces of water daily. Water from food and drink is included in this statistic. As a lot of people dislike the taste of plain water, adding a few drops of citrus into the mix can enhance things and help people drink more.

A Great Source of Vitamin C

Any fruits that come from the citrus variety are packed rich with vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant that helps body cells to protect themselves from free radicals. The vitamin C content in lemons is high, one of which provides approximately 18 milligrams of this vitamin — it is recommended that adults consume 67-89 milligrams per day. The benefits of vitamin C are the prevention of strokes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as blood pressure decreases. Drinking citrus water is, therefore, a great way of reducing any ailments in the future.

Weight-Loss Support

Did you know that polyphenol antioxidant, which is present in lemons, can contribute significantly to weight loss and weight reduction? Studies on mice have confirmed this, with overfed mice significantly decreasing in mass after consumption of this antioxidant. It can also have a significant effect on offsetting various negative impacts on blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. These are two factors that promote type two diabetes. Studies have only found results in mice, and people are still waiting for human studies. But, there is strong anecdotal evidence that citrus water will support weight loss.

Skin Quality

In terms of drinking lemon water, it may help your skin, preventing it from wrinkling, becoming dry, aging, and getting dehydrated from the sun. Citrus based drinks that were given to animals in studies have provided evidence of this, although human studies are required. However, taking in water will always help one stay hydrated and thus prevent their skin from becoming dry.

Improvements to Digestion

A lot of people drink lemon water in the morning because they believe that it will help work as a laxative to prevent constipation. Indeed, having a good drink of citrus water in the morning while you are playing your mobile casino is a way to help your digestive system rolling. It essentially kicks your digestive system to allow it to digest food more efficiently while also helping prevent a buildup of toxins.

Fresher Breath

Here’s an experiment: next time you’re trying to get rid of an odor on your hands — rub some lemon onto them and see what it does. Citrus fruit is very good at getting rid of bad smells, and the same applies to those odors that are causing bad breath. When you eat food with a strong smell such as fish or garlic, you can avoid bad breath by consuming one glass of lemon water after meals. Lemon is also said to stimulate saliva glands, thus helping to keep the mouth wet. As bacteria can grow when the mouth is dry, citrus water can rid the body of such things.

Many Benefits of Lemon Water

The takeaway message is that there are benefits of lemon water. Everybody knows how to make lemon water and how to drink lemon water so that everybody can enjoy these benefits. Add lemon to your bland cup of water to stay hydrated and keep the body fresh.

Do you drink lemon water? Are there any other drinks that work better? We’d love to hear more from you. Please send us your thoughts and comments below.


Author’s Bio: LaBonte has over 25 years’ experience working as a nutritionist. After graduating from Birkbeck University, he worked for various companies around the world developing sports drinks for endurance athletes. Now in his retirement, LaBonte works part-time as a copywriter, writing articles on everything related to nutrition.




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