Windows are one of the most multipurpose and useful fixtures that is found in the home. They’re aesthetic, provide insulation, keep sound out, and can be opened to change that all. Installation of a window can cost anywhere from one to a few thousand dollars. It’s important to make sure the one being installed is one that’s here to stay.

To do this it’s important to understand the various types of windows. A common wood window provides strong insulation but needs constant maintenance. Aluminum tends to be less efficient and can still fade with time. Composite windows utilize many materials to be fairly efficient but are extremely expensive. 

Finally fiberglass and vinyl windows are some of the more unique. Fiberglass is more efficient than wood but is extremely rigid. This makes it hard to customize or alter over time. Vinyl on the other hand is the most common modern window, and for good reason. It has some of the best energy efficiency, is customizable, and is even moisture resistant. Although each window solves different issues, vinyl is the most popular for a reason.

There are other smaller differences that can be found between various windows. Some windows are sliding while others are single or double-hung. Some windows are double or triple pane which save a lot of energy in comparison to the single pane windows. Finally there are coatings and gas fill differences that make windows distinct.

Poor insulation, poor upkeep, and poor efficiency plague many windows today. It’s important to understand the different types of windows and what they’re good for exactly because of this. Similarly, proper window installation is the key to making the best use of any window variety. No home is complete without a proper set of windows. It’s all anyone can do to make sure those windows aren’t going to cause any problems.