Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is regarded by many people as just one of a number of ways in which to add a bit of sweetness to a dish. The high cost of honey in comparison to sugar, particularly when you purchase honey in its raw form, means that the vast majority of people tend to ignore it, thinking it will contribute absolutely nothing essential to their life. How wrong they are. You see; honey is more than just a way of sprucing up a dish with a bit of sweetness.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is packed to the brim with nutrients which will benefit its consumers in a number of ways. Not only does raw honey contain vitamins which include A, C, B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, choline and bataine, it also is rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphoros, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and fluoride. Here is a little peek at just some of the curative powers of raw honey…


Topical application:


Contrary to what the general public may think they know about honey, most are probably ignorant about the fact that honey is not only a popular sweetener. For many centuries raw honey was used as a topical application to treat burns, scrapes, cuts, and a variety of other open wounds. With its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, raw honey is an excellent dressing for wounds. It is sterile and the soothing effect of raw honey effectively reduces pain, swelling and redness of the skin which can be attributed to the fact that it has pretty decent antibiotic qualities. When used for bacterial infection the healing time is reduced significantly as it forms a protective barrier on the skin while healing takes place. Many people also find that honey is particularly beneficial when it comes to the treatment of acne and the likes.


Sore throat:


Ever wondered why honey is included in so many syrups and ‘candies’ designed for quelling sore throats? Honey does not only have antibacterial properties that can eradicate an infection pretty quickly, it also has a very soothing effect on the sore throat. One does not necessarily need to buy any throat medicine though; a cup of tea sweetened with honey can be just as effective. See why honey is regarded one of the best homemade remedies for sore throat?




Honey is packed to the brim with antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body in building up a natural defence against tissue damage. This is done when free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules, are neutralized. Free radicals are dangerous since they attack cells in the human body and damage the DNA of the cell which could potentially lead to some disease. You know those signs of aging? Yep; most of those signs are actually down to free radicals in the body. Since honey is hydroscopic in nature, it is a natural moisturizer which is gentle and most suitable for both sensitive skin and baby products. Honey is very often an ingredient in lots of anti-aging skin care products. In some cases people have even found that regular consumption of raw honey can actually reduce the signs of aging somewhat. Of course; it will not eradicate the signs of aging completely, but you will notice the distinctive benefits of the honey in your skin though.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey
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Honey has been known to help strengthen the immune system. This ensures that your body is able to fight off infection much easier than it could previously (if you have been consuming a LOT of junk food then it is likely that your immune system would have been ravaged). One group of people who tend to benefit most from honey intake in this regard are those who regularly suffer from allergies, particularly hay fever. Raw honey contains traces of pollen. When consumers are exposed to pollen which would normally cause allergy flare ups, they become less sensitive to the effects.


Digestive health:


Raw honey is also super beneficial for a person’s digestive health. Raw honey rich in pollen is also an excellent mild laxative, safe for children and infants. The anti-putrefactive effects that lactic foods produce are equally produced by raw honey; contributing to a digestive system which is healthy and regular. Regular consumption of honey will keep everything in smooth running order (including a detoxification of your liver!).




Anaemia may be prevented or even cured with the consumption of raw honey. It is rich in copper and iron which is needed to increase the haemoglobin (red blood cells) count.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey
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Energy booster:


Raw honey is an excellent provider of energy. Carbohydrates do not only supply strength and energy, it can also reduce muscle fatigue and enhance endurance. It however needs to be consumed in moderation (as is the case with most things in life), especially when a person has a tendency to gain weight easily. Even though honey is totally fat free, there is 17.3g of carbohydrates in every tablespoon of honey. One tablespoon of honey has a calorific value of 63.8 (267 kJ); 63.6 of the 63.8 calories come from only the carbohydrate content.




Honey is delicious and very beneficial as discussed. Only a VERY small sample of the health benefits of raw honey is discussed here. It can completely change your life for the better. Purchase only raw honey though; you may otherwise not enjoy the full benefit of what raw honey has to offer.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

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