The Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Hair and Scalp

Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Hair and Scalp

by Jessica Smith

CBD is one of the cannabis compounds derived from the seeds of hemp and marijuana. Most CBD compounds found in the market do not have high levels of THC, which is the “high” inducing substance.

Apart from benefits such as better sleep, stronger immune system, mood regulation, reduced anxiety, etc. CBD oil turns out to be an active ingredient in shampoos, styles, and conditioners.

Before tasking yourself with hair that grows faster, have you ever thought of long and healthy hair? Hair also catches up with age as you become older and due to the pressures from the day-to-day experiences. However, no need to worry about your hair because some studies on CBD may prove to be the answer you have been looking for.

CBD oil has other uses such as maintaining the scalp, prevention of hair loss, slowing down the graying process, and prevention of hair damage.



CBD oil is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants such as marijuana or hemp. Some of these compounds have antioxidant properties making them useful when treating different oxidation associated diseases such as age-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Reasons behind Hair and Scalp Issues

The root of your hair is at the follicles that are made of protein cells and help in the continuous growth of hair. Blood vessels passing through the roots supply the needed food in the scalp. Meanwhile, the hair growing on the scalp gets it suppleness as it touches on the oil glands.

Not all hair follicles will grow hair at the same time. Therefore, the oil and dandruff that settle on your scalp cause irritation that leads to graying and thinning of hair. Using CBD oil can help the situation by unclogging follicles and promoting hair growth. Other than hereditary, scalp and hair problems come from many other factors as well.

The obvious and hidden benefits of CBD oil is promoting hair regrowth and ensuring the hair follicles are strong. The other hidden benefits include:


1.      Vitamin E

The vitamin E and fatty acids you obtain from CBD conditions both the scalp and hair. The vitamin and the fats coming from the CBD compound also act as a water barrier that stops water loss. The applications of CBD oil gets rid of dandruff and keep your hair moist.

The fatty acids also help the growth of hair follicles and roots of the hair to ensure continuous growth.

2.      Omega Vitamins

CBD contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 that helps the scalp tissue grow stronger. The Omega vitamins from marijuana are available in many online dispensaries and physical shops if you need them for stronger development and expansion of follicles.

3.      Linoleic and Gamma Linoleic Acid

The sustenance of food to stay longer on the cells found on the scalp needs these two acids from CBD oil. Strong pigmentation of the hair cells and scalp prevents their destruction from environment variables.

4.      Conditions the Scalp

The desire to have strong and beautiful hair may force you into constantly brushing and conditioning the hair using different methods and oils. Such treatment only interferes with your scalp and by extension hair follicles leading to hair loss. CBD oil adds to the development of the scalp using the various ingredients that cleanse and stimulates your hair. When enough oil is available in the scalp, the dandruff production goes down.

Regardless of whether you dye your hair or like wearing different styles, applying CBD oil can keep your hair healthy and keep it from breaking. Proper application of this oil ends split hairs and fizziness. Purchase a small bottle of CBD oil from any online dispensary Canada or from any other state where cannabis is not illegal and reduce the number of visits to the salon.

5.      Presence of Amino Acids

CBD oil contains more than 21 amino acids that help in building up of proteins lining the hair follicles. The amino acids help in building up the collagen and elastin that are necessary for hair strength making your hair thick and full.


When it comes to selling any of the CBD products, some buyers may lose interest due to the name and from the fact that it is a marijuana-derived compound. However, this trend is changing with the legalization of cannabis in many states.

Most people are not allergic to plant materials and cause no negative reaction. However, before using the product extensively, try it out on a small area on the skin and look out for any reactions. CBD oil products are present in some conditioners and shampoos. You can try using the shampoo in the shower for better results. Using the CBD oil version provides more nutrients to the hair and scalp than blending with other hair products.






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