How to Shave your Buttcrack Hair

by Joyce Baker

That’s a normal thing when you have hair on buttcrack. But your buttcrack hair might be much more than other people have. There is too much trouble when you play sports or when the weather’s hot. This makes you feel annoyed and embarrassed?  Shaving your buttcrack hair might make you feel better.

Advantages of shaving buttcrack hair.

Nowadays, shaving buttcrack hair is becoming popular. Do you think it is dangerous and hurt? It’s safe and it has a lot of advantages:

  • Shaving hair on buttcrack might make you feel clean and comfortable.
  • It can help prevent dampness for fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Improve the physical movement when you work in public environment.
  • More hygiene and avoid a bad smell on the groin, bum and buttock area.
  • Removing buttcrack hair will boost your health situation.
  • It can help you become seductive, and it can be sexually arousing and stimulating to you and your partner too.

How to shave your buttcrack hair

Techniques to shave your buttcrack hair

Like other parts of the body, there are many techniques to shave buttcrack hair.

  1. Use an electric shaver or a manual razor

Take a shower to clean completely your body. Clean your electric shaver/manual razor. Make sure you use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the razor. This is very effective for removing bacteria and avoiding any further infection. After that, Let’s squeeze some shaving gel with some water into your palm.

Next, you need apply it on your buttocks to make a perfect environment for shaving and prevent frictions. You can get a smooth look after shaving. When you feel satisfied with the result, you need rinse off with cold water and use a towel to clean your butt. And finally, use an antiseptic product on your skin.

Before you start shaving your buttcrack hair, you’ll need to make sure you have all the things: shaving tools, handheld mirror (if you want to shave your bum properly, you have to see it), shaving gel, antiseptic (Antiseptic soothes the skin, closes pores, and kills bacteria. If you don’t use antiseptic, maybe you increase the chance of skin irritation.)

  1. Waxing

This is a highly effective technique. It can help you to remove the roots of hair and lengthen the time the hair grows back. You can do this technique at home with a waxing kit. You need to clean your body with hot water. Apply wax with the right direction of the growing hair and put piece of cloth on that. Remove quickly the wax trip against the direction of the growing hair. Finally, use an antiseptic product on your skin.

If you are not confident to implement this technique, you can get support from a professional aesthetician.

  1. Laser

This technique may remove unwanted hair by using an intense beam of light. This is an effective technique too. Because it removes all hair follicles and prevents future growing hair. To implement this technique, you will have to go to the beauty salon, where they have machines and professionals.

  1. Electrolysis

With electrolysis technique to shave your buttcrack hair, the professional aesthetician will use of electric current to eliminate buttcrack hair roots. It consists of a needle to insert in the individual follicle then burn it. This is a modern technique. And similar to the use of lasers, you also need a medical professional to help you make this technique safe and effective.

So, we can see that there are many ways to shave your buttcrack hair. It is totally safe. Which technique is effective and suitable for you? You should consider carefully. Because, if you make the technique not careful or you don’t keep shaved butt after, you may have an infection. You can search a support from a professional or other modern technologies.



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