Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids


The best natural healing for hemorrhoids is always to prevent them from developing. Hemorrhoids can greatly be prevented by making sure you keep your stool soft at all times which would greatly eliminate the strain on the anal veins when hard stool is passed; a leading cause of hemorrhoids developing. Read more on how to get rid of constipation fast. However, this is the “sweet & short” version of prevention, and will not remove existing hemorrhoids. Treating hemorrhoids depends on the severity.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are classified into 4 degrees. First degree hemroids do not prolapse outside the anal canal, second degree prolapse outside the canal, third degree needs manual placement back into the anal canal after the hemorrhoids prolapsed and fourth degree hemorrhoids require surgery.

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids
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In order to prevent and in getting rid of hemorrhoids, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle where we drink lots of water (about 8 glasses a day), include fiber in our diet, and get sufficient exercise, which ultimately is the best natural cures for hemorrhoids, or you can try a herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. The best hemorrhoids diet is one which includes foods with fiber, but is not limited to fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals. Hemorrhoids are experienced by most people at some stage; in most cases the hemorrhoids will disappear after a few days. One of the most prominent symptoms is rectal itching.

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External Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are 2 different types of hemorrhoids.

Internal bleeding hemorrhoids is the result of too much pressure on the internal anal veins, and occur inside the rectum. Bloody hemorrhoids can cause discomfort when blood clots form or infection occurs, but they are generally painless. As such, the prevalence of internal hemorrhoid is not symptomatic, but rather is characterized by a constant need to go to the toilet, bright-red blood that appears on the surface of the stool, in the toilet bowl, or on the toilet paper. Internal hemorrhoids must be treated to avoid them developing into severe forms of hemorrhoids, i.e. prolapsed and strangulated hemorrhoids. Removal of hemorrhoids by making use of natural home remedies for hemorrhoids will bring relief from hemroid symptoms.

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids
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Which brings us to thrombosed external hemorrhoids . Occurs outside the anal canal when the external veins around the anus become swollen, resulting in external hemorrhoids. The area around the anus tears (anal fissure), causing anal bleeding. The tearing is caused either from straining due to hard stool, or excessive rubbing caused by itchy hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoid treatment is necessary to prevent the hemorrhoids from sliding down the anal canal and protruding from the anus, causing “prolapsed hemorrhoids”. When prolapsed hemorrhoids are not treated (prolapsed hemorrhoids can become infected when exposed to the bacteria of feces), the anal muscle that controls the opening and closing of the anal opening, “traps” the prolapsed hemorrhoid, cutting off the blood flow to the hemorrhoids (causing it to become strangulated), resulting in thrombosed hemorrhoids (contains blood clots).  Hemorrhoid removal could require hemroid surgery, but will not necessarily address the root cause. Curing hemorrhoids can be permanent, making use of natural hemorrhoid cures which guarantee results. External hemroids are usually extremely painful, accompanied by a burning, stabbing or itching (due to skin irritation) sensation.

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids – Home Remedies:



Rubber band ligation is a procedural technique used for the removal of hemorrhoids, dating back to 460 BC; applied by a doctor. This procedure is not appropriate for 3rd degree hemorrhoids. Rubber bands are used to tie off the hemorrhoids, so cutting off the blood flow to them. Lack of blood causes the hemroids to shrink and fall off after 7-10 days. The procedure is generally very successful long term; mild pain experienced by most. Severe pain is usually the result of the rubber bands not applied correctly. Depending on how many hemorrhoids a person have, more than one treatment might be necessary with 4 – 6 week intervals. For those who prefer painless treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids, might consider natural home remedies for hemorrhoids.

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Sclerotherapy: is used for treating small internal hemorrhoids. A chemical liquid, known as phenol, which causes the blood flow to the hemorrhoid to stop,  is injected into the vein at the basis of the hemorrhoid. As with rubber band ligation, the hemorrhoid shrinks due to lack of blood, shrinks and fall off. Some pain and discomfort can be experienced. This procedure is generally used in the elderly; also when home treatments are not successful. The effectiveness of this procedure is largely dependent on the experience of the doctor.

Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids

Natural Healing For Hemorrhoids – surgical methods:

Different methods of cautery have also proved to be effective for treating hemorrhoids, and include electrocautery, infrared radiation, laser and cryosurgery.

Electrocautery (thermal coagulation) is defined as the process of destroying tissue using heat conduction from a metal probe heated by an electric current. This is an attempt to remove an undesired growth, in this instance, a hemorrhoid, by burning a part of the body and in the process hemoroidal tissue is destroyed. This creates a seal which then minimizes infections.


Infrared radiation: This procedure is ideal for those hemorrhoids too small to be treated with rubber band ligation. It destroys swollen hemorrhoidal tissue when an infrared light, applied to the area, causes the blood supply in and around the hemorrhoid to coagulate. The lack of blood causes the hemroid to shrink and fall off.


Laser treatment: Arguably one of the best hemroid treatments available.  Extremely accurate, lasers are used to excise the hemorrhoids while vaporizing them at the same time. It seals off the blood vessels surrounding the hemorrhoid to eliminate any bleeding. Mild discomfort is experienced and recovery quickly.

hemorrhoids laser surgery
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Cryosurgery: Research has revealed this procedure is quite painful compared to other hemorrhoid treatments, and as such, has fallen out of favor. The instrument used to perform the procedure is a cryoprobe which is attached to a tubing system through which a freezing agent (nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen) is pumped in order to freeze the tip used for the procedure. The procedure leaves an open wound subject to infection, and the patient can also suffer from rectal discharge with a foul odor for as long as two weeks after procedure was performed. It is thus advised a different method to shrink hemorrhoids is considered.


Other hemroid treatment surgical techniques include Hemorrhoidectomy, Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL) and Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. These procedures are generally necessary when a person suffers from fourth degree hemorrhoids.


In Conclusion:  I regard natural home remedies to cure any infirmity very highly. As such my recommended product will not only bring temporary relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms, it will actually cure your hemorrhoids even though it is a natural healing for hemorrhoids!


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