Treatment for Bad Breath

Treatment for Bad Breath

It is truly fascinating to learn that there are millions of different types of bacteria living in our mouth. Many people blame bacteria as the main cause for bad breath developing. Even though some types of bacteria are considered the cause of this shameful mouth condition, you have to keep in mind that not all bacteria is responsible for it, and that most bacteria is actually helping our body to guard itself against other onslaughts. Some bacteria work hard to keep your mouth healthy by assisting you to digest the food you eat and keep dangerous bacteria from dominating your mouth.

 Treatment for Bad Breath

If bacteria is not the main cause of bad breath, then what is?

Bad breath is known as the condition where a foul smell emanates from the mouth. This condition can be very embarrassing and may lead to emotional and psychological breakdown of an individual with such case. Bad breath is certainly not caused by all the bacteria staying in the mouth, but keep in mind that there are certain things can cause them to turn into bad bacteria and collectively create the foul smell. Food and drinks particles that come in contact with the saliva are converted into dangerous bacteria especially if they are not applied with proper dental care. Here are some of the common causes why bad breath occurs:

Dry mouth – Thus is the most common cause of bad breath. This is the reason why it is mandatory for you to take in plenty of drinking water to ensure you retain moisture in the mouth thus stopping bacteria from growing bad compounds which are the main causes of bad breath. The saliva in our mouth is known to be the cleansing agent naturally produced by our body, but when saliva dries up, food substances stand a better chance at gathering on the teeth. The bacteria across the mouth are then fed into this food substance and eventually create a foul smelling breath. Having plenty of drinking water to drink throughout the entire day cleanses your mouth and stops bad breath.

Improper oral cleanliness – when you do not practice proper and habitual dental health, it is very easy for the bad bacteria to accumulate in your mouth. Plaque develops which not only damages your pearly whites but wreaks havoc with your breath as well. Plaque and tartar will be the best breeding grounds for these bacteria, so it is essential that you practice proper oral hygiene such as regularly brushing & flossing your teeth, and using a mouth rinse. In the event that plaque and tartar formed, it warrants professional treatment and care from a dental professional to stop the plaque and tartar in its tracks and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Sinus conditions – sometimes, no matter how much you practice proper dental treatment and keep your mouth hydrated, your mouth still comes off with bad smell. If you are afflicted with a condition known as sinusitis, chances are you will be affected by a foul smelling breath. It triggers bad breath since there is extra mucus that gathers on the tongue. The mucus itself is a foul smelling compound already, so when this touches the tongue and lingers with the breeding of bacteria present in the mouth, it in turn causes bad breath. When you have a sinus condition, it is advisable to see a medical expert to get proper treatment.

How to cure bad breath

Obtaining the right info on treatment for bad breath is an excellent first step towards treating halitosis. Smelly breath can be accredited to many different causes –from poor dental cleanliness to various diseases like diabetes. Luckily, bad breath is curable as long as the individual commits to practicing the right dental hygiene habits. Listed below are 4 of the easiest home remedies you may use right now to get rid of bad breath:

  • Instead of using your regular toothpaste, try to use a herbal toothpaste that contains neem extracts in its ingredients. Scientifically known as Melia Azadirachta or Azadirachta Indica, neem is known as a semi evergreen tree whose trunk produces a tenacious gum and its seeds yield an aromatic oil. It is the extract from the leaves which ultimately helps in reducing occurrences of bad breath.


  • Rather than your regular mouthwash, use a remedy of neem dissolved in hot water as a substitute mouthwash. It’s far better, not too tough on your gums and teeth, and is an all natural treatment for daily dental hygiene. Utilize this natural mouthwash solution 4 times a day for great results.
  • There are two other amazing home remedy mouthwashes you can include to get rid of bad breath –

 – Aloe vera blended with honey and cool water is an excellent mouthwash for persistent bad breath.

– Boil coriander leaves in drinking water and use the ensuing liquid extract as a mouthwash.

  • Peppermint are regarded as the only mouth rinse for fresh breath but that is completely false! Cardamon and Cloves are other alternatives to peppermint and are sure to get you fresher breath
  • When your bad breath problem is because of sinusitis (read more on home remedy for sinus congestion) , tonsillitis or cold, camphor (edible) is an effective throat stimulant. It has the capability to burn up clogged mucus on the tongue and throat, presenting a freshness and quality that is hard to deny. After using this method, It’s like vacuuming your own mouth with one of nature’s most reliable nasal decongestants.

Going to treatment centers focusing on treatment of bad breath halitosis is also suggested. Fresh breath treatment centers provide treatment plans and diagnostic for bad breath that just won’t disappear completely.


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