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Hemroids Treatment  – home remedies


Hemroids treatment can be done in various ways. Treatment however, only brings hemroid relief, it does not address hemorrhoid symptoms. Some hemorrhoids treatment can be exercised from home to get relief even from painful, bleeding hemorrhoids. Read more on other natural ways to treat hemorrhoids…The most popular ways to relieve hemorrhoids are:

Sitz bath: Not restricted to secure hemroid relief, it also helps for prostate, vaginal or bladder infections, vaginal and anal fissures and discomfort suffered from genital herpes. It is recommended you use warm water covering the hips and buttocks. The warm water assists in increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area. For best results sit in the water for 15 – 20 minutes. Remember, this method only brings temporary relief, it does not cure hemorrhoids. To get rid of hemorrhoids forever though, you might want to try a guaranteed natural healing for hemorrhoids.

Ice packs: One of the hemorrhoid remedies that provides the best relief for inflamed hemorrhoids. For the best result the ice pack must be pushed up between your cheeks as much as possible to ensure it touches inside the anal area. This remedy can be applied as often as is necessary; once again, it is no cure, but merely brings hemroid relief. Should you decide to make your own ice pack, put ice cubes or crushed ice in a plastic bag and cover with a thin cloth before applying to the hemorrhoids.

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Ointments and creams: Generally available over the counter, and a popular choice for treating hemorrhoids. Hemroid cream also only brings temporal relief from pain. It is highly recommended to not use creams and ointments for a prolonged period as it could lead to irritation of the skin. It also does not  cure the hemorrhoidal disorder. For guaranteed results, you might want to try hemorrhoids herbal treatment.

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Hemroids Treatment – surgical methods:

Hemorroidectomy is performed under local anaesthetic, and the pasient can go home the same day if no complications. The hemorrhoids are removed when an incision is made around the anal area. The procedure brings relief from the symptoms, i.e. swelling, bleeding, etc, but might require stitches in a highly sensitive area which could cause pain.



Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL) has less complications than a hemorroidectomy. A Doppler transducer and protoscope is used to locate the arterial blood inflow. The ultrasound device locates the blood vessels which supply the hemorrhoids. Under local anesthesia the device is inserted into the rectum and the identified blood vessels are then suture ligated. After a few days the hemroids shrink away. Considered one of the best hemorrhoids cures, since the bleeding stops immediately. The recurrence rate is slightly higher than with hemorroidectomy, but complications are a lot less.

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation
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Stapled hemorrhoidectomy
, also known as Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH) 
is usually reserved for third and fourth degree hemorrhoids. Fast becoming the choice of procedures since no “cutting” takes place. Under local anesthesia the loose tissue above the anus is cut off with a special hemorrhoid stapler which then staples the remaining tissue edges together. No sharp pain is experienced, since there is no anal wound. The patient will not be aware of these staples, and after the next few months will fall off. External hemorrhoids usually also shrink over this period as the blood supply to these hemroids are interrupted.

stapled hemorrhoidectomy

Hemroids Treatment – Conclusion:

The various treatments discussed in this post is by no means the only remedies available for treating hemorrhoids; I merely listed the most commonly known ones. Before deciding on a treatment, it is wise to first identify the degree of severity, then take some action. If you are in the “first degree”, now is the time to change your lifestyle to include more fiber in your diet, get enough exercise, and drink lots of water.

Hey everyone! Let us know your opinion and experience with hemorrhoids. How did you get rid of hemorrhoids? Just drop us a comment below….

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