Nutrition Rich Supplements

Nutrition Rich Supplements

Your Supplement on Supplements

by Amy Boyington


Staying healthy requires a good balance of proper activity and nutrition. Today we are blessed with an array of supplements to help keep us healthy and happy. Our world is always evolving. In fact, we spin around in just one day at 1,000 miles per hour and furthermore, it’s essential to be mindful of your health.

Nutrition Rich Supplements

For a better idea in choosing the best supplements, here are the most trending nutrient rich supplements that contain scientifically backed ingredients for better health.

More Diverse Supplement Forms

Arguably, what stops a lot of people from taking supplements and having a nutrient-rich diet is the pill form that many traditional supplements come in. Simply put, people don’t like to supplement their food and diet with a pill. That’s why we see supplements in so many different forms now, from powders to pre-workout drinks and smoothies, to fish oil liquids, gummies and others. Gummies, in particular, are making strides this year to combat pill fatigue. While they’ve been long used as a way to entice kids to take vitamins, now we’re seeing gummies used by major supplement companies as an alternative way for people to consume their supplements. As we head into 2018, it’s likely that we’ll see nutrient rich supplements appear in other delivery forms.

Vision Supplements

In our increasingly mobile and digital lives, it’s rare that we aren’t staring at a screen. All these show-binging, web-browsing, screen-watching activities hurt our eyes. Specifically, screens have a damaging effect on the macular pigment in the back of the retina. This is part of the eye that we use to take in visuals. It is also the part of the eye that is most affected by the photo-oxidative damage caused by screens. More and more supplements are going to include lutein and zeaxanthin isomers to help protect our eyes from the damaging effects of screens.

Clean Label Reporting

Our society as a whole is becoming increasingly health conscious. Clean label reporting is a current trend that will continue to persist in the future. The biggest area, in terms of nutrition rich supplements, where clean reporting is seen a lot is with regards to sweeteners. A lot of supplement consumers are looking for non-artificial sweeteners in the products that they choose. Clean label reporting is also gaining traction with people looking for products that are green and ethically produced. The more environmentally sound a supplement brand’s practices are, the more business they will attract.

Near-Extinction of “Added Sugar” Labels

With the aforementioned importance being placed on natural sweeteners and alternatives to aspartame and saccharin, many supplement companies are moving away from including sugar in their products, particularly in pre-workout shakes and powders. There is an increasing number of labels that proudly display “No added sugar.” While the majority of this trend is related to consumers looking for healthier supplements, there is part that is influenced by lawmakers not only pushing for sugar reductions in products but also requiring that sugar and calorie counts be prominently displayed on supplement packaging.


Brain Health Supplements

You want your muscles in tip-top fighting shape, but you also need a healthy brain, both inside the arena and out. Supplements that enhance brain health can increase your ability to retain information, pay attention and even think creatively. Consumers of all walks of life are looking at these brain supplements as a means to gain an advantage by sharpening their minds. The supplement industry is taking notice; the brain health craze is fueling a multi-billion dollar market that is expected to rise 20% from now until 2024.

Nutrition Rich Supplements

That said, the brain is a muscle and like all of our other muscles, it needs exercise. Luckily, the exercise you’re already doing is simultaneously working out your brain. According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, there is a strong link between physical exercise and brain health. Aerobic exercise may enhance a person’s cognitive functions, while resistance and weight training can help the memory. This correlation is particularly important for people over the age of 50 and may be a way to stop brain aging.

Richer Supplements

Considering the nutrition rich supplement trends surrounding brain and vision health, it’s easy to speculate that we are going to be buying and taking supplements with broader and richer benefits to accommodate these health trends. Don’t be surprised if the supplements you regularly take start to include things like lutein for your vision or ginkgo biloba for your brain and other benefit-rich ingredients. You can find 5per nutrition rich-piana here, along with other robust supplements.

Probiotics, Probiotics, Probiotics

At the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim this year, there was one common thread running through almost all of the new products: probiotics. This is thanks to a greater importance being placed on digestive health, particularly in its link to easier weight loss and better overall health. Probiotics are popping up everywhere and for all different uses. Visitors of the 2017 Expo West saw probiotic supplements designed for pregnant and nursing moms, athletes, and women’s health; there’s even probiotics designed for traveling in foreign countries.

Outside of supplements, the probiotic trend is also making waves in food and beverages. While yogurt has long been the champion of the probiotic trend, now we’re seeing a rise in other probiotic foods and drinks. Kombucha has surged in popularity, along with probiotic waters and juices. For food, you can find everything from probiotic kale, pancake mix with ancient, fermented grains and tons more. There’s even a probiotic pasta entering the market. Talk about a superfood!

Relaxation Time Is Here

As much as we try and take care of ourselves, sleep is the one area that many of us struggle with. Juggling multiple responsibilities and duties each day can easily eat into that valuable time set aside for sleep. Then, stress from the day has a knack for creeping up and keeping us awake even later. Supplements have long existed to help with rest and relaxation, but with a lot of people struggling to count sheep each night, which is why 3.1 million people have turned to melatonin.

Melatonin has long reigned supreme as the supplement of choice for people looking to get a better night’s sleep. That isn’t changing, especially with melatonin use in adults rising each year, but alternative sleep and relaxation choices are also entering the space. Magnesium, for example, is known to cut down cortisol in the body.


Nutrition rich supplements are something many of us take. Whether you are taking a pre-workout supplement to give your pump at the gym that extra boost, a diet supplement to help you make your desired weight or another reason, knowing how the industry is behaving and what trends are coming about is very important. These 7 trends have been shaping the nutrition rich supplement world and will continue to do so as we enter 2018.

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