Tooth Pain: Reasons Your Tooth is Paining!

reasons for tooth pain

by Shashi Das

Have you ever experienced the shooting pain in your teeth? Has it ever happened that your toothache has given you sleepless nights? Or while chewing or biting have you felt triggers in your tooth?

We all have at least once in our lifetime experienced such issues. Toothache is generally caused when the nerve in the root of the tooth is irritated. The tooth pain does not go away on their own and require the intervention of your dentist. In some cases, it can be an indication of a severe issue which demands immediate attention.

Why exactly your tooth is paining will be known once you visit a dentist. But there are various reasons as to why this happens. The reasons listed below will help you out to know the reason for your tooth pain and what can be done to cure the same.

Tooth Decay – One of the most well-known reasons for toothache is the decay in the tooth. Many times we ourself have come across this being the most prevalent reason of toothache. If the decay is severe so much so that it reaches the dentin (inner layer of the tooth), then it makes your tooth extra sensitive. The decay, if not controlled at this stage, will reach deeper in the center of the tooth causing sharp shooting pain. This pain is so unbearable that it affects your daily life tasks and makes it impossible to focus on anything. Ignoring it for long won’t be possible and it may happen that mere fillings could not solve the issue. You might need to undergo root canal treatment because the infection might have spread to your roots.


Tooth Abscess – As discussed above when the pain reaches the root it causes infection. It sometimes happens that you do not feel any pain until the time the infection reaches your tooth. But once this happens then the pain you will experience will be unimaginable. It will be a widespread pulsating pain which will make it difficult to understand the reason. The damage that can be caused at this stage will be high to the extent that it can cause bone loss or tissue loss. In any circumstances the condition of your tooth is severe and if it is ignored even at that point then nothing will save your tooth. Not only will the tooth be damaged but it will cause issues to the adjacent teeth as well.


Gum Disease – Another reason for facing a tooth pain is gum disease which is an infection in the gums. The gum disease develops in two stages. The very primary stage is gingivitis which is followed by the advanced stage of gum disease called periodontitis. If controlled in the first stage, the damaged caused will be less. But if it got carried to another stage called periodontitis then it will cause bone loss and gum deterioration. This will detach the gums from the teeth creating pockets. These pockets are the reason for infection spread and will be filled with the bacteria. This will expose the tooth roots which will have plaque accumulation. Being exposed to decay will make the tooth extra sensitive causing the ushered pain in the tooth or the areas surrounding.


Tooth-Pulp inflammation – Under this condition, the tissue present at the center of the tooth is inflamed causing irritation to the tooth. The pressure put in this process cause pain in the tooth. The severity of the pain will depend upon the time-period to get it treated. Ignoring for long can increase the pain making it unbearable after a particular point of time. Only your dentist can help you in getting rid of such pain.


Tooth Sensitivity – Many people face the problem of tooth sensitivity i.e. they experience mild or sharp pain after eating sweets or drinking a cold beverage. One can develop sensitivity in any stage of their life. Your teeth become sensitive because with time the enamel of your tooth may wear down exposing the dentin. The exposed dentin makes your tooth highly sensitive. If at some point in time you suddenly start experiencing sensitivity then visit your dentist. Or you can also go for tooth sensitivity toothpaste which will help you in getting rid of sensitivity.


Impacted Tooth – Tooth gets impacted when it does not have a place to move in your jawline. The most known of the impacted tooth is the wisdom tooth. They are usually the last to erupt as a result they might not get a proper place for eruption because the second molars that have already emerged taking maximum space in your jaw. The impaction can create pressure on the gums and the jaw. This will cause pain in the tooth and the underlying areas of the tooth.


Tooth Fracture – Accidents can damage your teeth. They can break, crack or can chip your teeth. A fractured tooth exposes the root underlying making it sensitive. If this happens then your tooth will be sensitive even to the cold air. This condition is very serious and if not taken care of in time can damage the roots leading to severe issues. It is not necessary that a person experiences this pain immediately after getting a fractured tooth. Leaving it exposed for long can trigger the pain making it important to visit a dentist immediately.


Poor Oral Hygiene – If you maintain poor oral health then the chances of having problems in your tooth is quite high. For example, if you brush vigorously applying a lot of pressure on your teeth then you will get inflamed gums to an extent that it can recede and make the teeth unstable. Having unstable teeth will cause pain which will exceed if we continue to brush in the same way. For this, it is important that you use a soft bristle toothbrush and be gentle while brushing.


Teeth Grinding – Teeth Grinding also known as bruxism can cause pain in the tooth, jaw, and neck. People normally grind their teeth at night while sleeping or when they are stressed. Teeth grinding puts pressure on the teeth causing chipped or cracked teeth. This may also cause headache and sore jaw bones. If this is the case then visit your dentist, he/she will help you overcome this problem. They will give you a mouthguard which will stop this habit. The mouthguard is custom made for a particular set of teeth. This helps in reducing stress and overcome the problem of tooth pain.


If you are suffering from tooth pain then any of the above causes can be the reason for it. Look for the best dentist to get this pain to go away.





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