Over the past few decades the sleep industry at large has been exploding in size. Guides on how to sleep well, caffeine, supplements, meditation, anything to get just a bit more sleep. Interestingly, the one side of sleep that has been left behind is one of the most prominent, bedding. People spend billions on bedding every year, but few are really considering what they’re purchasing. 

Some of the differences in bedding are simple and relatively non consequential. It only makes sense that while some prefer a comforter, some prefer a blanket, or quilt. There’s much more beyond this simple distinction though. For example, the thread count of a sheet is an often ignored but important aspect.

When it comes to durability this is the single most important factor. Higher thread counts mean smooth and durable sheets, some sheets are even double–ply to make up for this. Another minute but important factor is the weave of one’s sheets. While some will help the overheated sleeper get rest, others will keep the cold sleeper warm. There are countless little distinctions that, over long periods of time, can change one’s sleep habits.

Even beyond the physical quality of the sheets, the upkeep is just as important. “Wash your sheets weekly” it’s a suggestion almost everyones heard. Fortunately, it exists for good reason. Some may not be able to afford more than one pair of sheets, or the cost of washing. Not everyone is in a position to change their sheets. but for the most part, people just choose not to.

At a week’s time the quality of sleep is relatively unchanged. Sleep may be a little less comfortable but by 20 days the difference is reported to be night and day. Dirty sheets cause negative health effects, poor sleep, and can ruin sheets over time. This means that even with the perfect sheets, tailored to one’s exact needs, upkeep is essential. 

This is sleeps simple answer: keep the place of sleep comfortable. It’s not dramatic or temporary, it’s not radical, it’s just a responsible way to sleep a little better. Only 32% of Americans wash their sheets weekly, so at the very least, start there. It’s something far more people in a country like America can do, but choose not to. Learn more in the guide to sheets below: