The Range of Modern Bully Dog Breeds

There are few dog breeds that stack up to the bullies in modern America. They represent 20% of the U.S dog population. Most dog owners that don’t have a bully breed will know someone who does. They’re also one of the most popular breeds across over 20 states. Pit bulls and bully breeds, while occasionally controversial, are undeniably beloved.

The reasons for this aren’t hard to see either. Bully breeds are known for being big, strong, and reliable. They make for good companions and guardians while also having a range of sizes, making them adaptable to many family formats. Even in terms of temperament, bully breeds tend to do remarkably well. For example, the American Bully rates at the top of the list of temperament, and the Bull Terrier doesn’t fall far behind.

Bully breeds have also seen a lot of selective breeding as of late. The Cane Corso, for example, is one of the most searched for dog breeds today. Interestingly, the Corso was only created within the past 15 years. The Dogo Argentino, yet another bully breed, was created only within the past five years!

It’s because of this range that bully breeds have become so dominant today. Pit bulls, dogs which have a range of bully breeds DNA, are incredibly common. Of course the pit bull terrier is itself a dog breed, and a controversial one at that. Yet these bully mixes make for a cheap option beyond the highly bred alternatives.

Of course bully breeds can’t fill every niche. They do tend to be larger, short-haired, and have short faces. Some breeds of smaller or extremely fluffy dogs simply require prospective dog owners to leave the bully family. However, the versatility of bully breeds today is undeniable. It’s not just the U.S that thinks so either, as new breeds are being created in countless countries today.