Why You Should Choose Outdoor Travel

People would usually think of state and national parks when thinking about outdoor travel, but there are a variety of places in the U.S. you can go to to experience the outdoors.  

Americans spend more time at work or looking at screens instead of taking time off and traveling outdoors.  On average, Americans can work for 13.2 years of their lives but only socialize for 328 days.  A typical American can spend four hours a week scrolling through social media.  In 2021, the average daily social media use was 33 minutes for Facebook, 32 minutes for Tiktok, and 28 minutes for Snapchat.  

Although Finland, the world’s happiest country for four years running, has companies that offer 30 paid vacation days every year, almost 30 million Americans don’t get paid holidays or vacations.  In fact the average PTO for private sector employees is 10 days.  

There are several reasons why Americans are refusing to take more time off.  One is the fear of being viewed as easily replaceable.  Another reason is because their pets cannot travel or there is a lack of accommodation.  54% of Americans also mentioned being concerned about their safety and security.  

Nonetheless, traveling outdoors can be helpful for everyone.  Spending a couple of minutes outside every week can help improve your memory, enhance your overall health, and lessen stress.  Spending time outdoors can also provide learning opportunities for both kids and adults as well as help us disconnect from our modern, digital lives.  The best part is the ability to choose not to book flights and instead having access to children and pet-friendly travel and activities.  

More people have become interested in camping over recent years, especially in 2020.  That year, 2 million families camped for the first time with 26% of first-time campers being Millennials.  More than half of the first-time campers were also non-white with 24% being Black, 15% being Hispanic and Latino, and 14% being Asian and Pacific Islander.  

Staying within budget isn’t a problem with outdoor traveling due to the variety of choices available,  Tent camping is a good choice for budget-conscious people who still want to feel close to nature.  Traveling by RV is a great option for people who want to travel with family on long trips.  A glamping getaway is ideal for new or intimidated campers because it combines the ease of a hotel-like stay with easy access to nature.  

Outdoor adventures can be fun for the whole family!  You can go hiking, fishing, swimming, bird watching, or participate in campfire storytelling together.  You can experience fun amenities as well like ziplining, climbing, or sliding down waterslides.  Families are able to go to theme parks, local tours, hayrides, and whitewater rafting when they explore the great outdoors.  

With no need to reserve hotels, search for rental cars, and book flights, an outdoor adventure is a great way for everyone to spend their time off.