Yellow Teeth Cleaning

Yellow Teeth Cleaning Options


A bright smile is often the door to several possibilities. Having a great smile projects an atmosphere of friendliness and accessibility to other people. Unfortunately for many of us, we are not as keen on big smiles as these will expose our teeth which may cause a feeling of embarrassment especially when the other person’s smile displays perfect teeth!

yellow teeth cleaning

It may be because we have crooked teeth, the most common reason people feel uncomfortable with their smile is due to yellow teeth however. This makes having brilliant white teeth very important because it can boost your confidence, make you want to laugh more and improve your overall appearance.

So, how to get rid of yellow teeth? Yellow teeth cleaning methods are fortunately many as the number of available options have increased in recent years, making it easier than ever to get a stellar smile.

  1. Whitening Toothpaste

One of the first methods that you have to try in getting rid of yellow teeth is a toothpaste specially designed for the purpose of whitening teeth.

Today most toothpastes with whitening properties will be available on the shelves of drugstores and pharmacies. However, regardless of how many different brands there are, Colgate Optic White specifically is much more powerful when it comes to whitening. If you brush your yellow teeth regularly and still spot yellowness, try one of the more potent types instead of regular toothpaste.

  1. Whitening Mouthwash

At your neighborhood pharmacy, in the same isle where they keep the toothpaste, you can also find a few brands of mouthwash. While some, such as toothpaste, is just regular, there are often those that advanced whitening properties also, such as Crest 3D White.  Buy one and test to see if there is an improvement.

Just follow the instructions on the bottle; generally swishing one capful of the mouthwash around in the mouth for about 60 seconds should suffice. Do this every time you brush your teeth. Every day at least twice. Alternatively, you could also consider a quick rinse after eating any foods that cause yellow teeth. I know tea can stain your teeth.

  1. Whitening Strips

Similar to both whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes, teeth whitening strips can also be found on the shelves with other dental hygiene products. Just pick the one that best suits your needs and follow the directions on the package.

It is very important to follow the included instructions. Some of the ingredients found in the strips can, if used improperly, cause further damage to your teeth.

  1. Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies

There are some natural remedies to get rid of yellow teeth that you can try. First, identify any potentially harmful food or drinks. This generally includes too many sweets or drinks such as coffee, tea, dark sodas and sugary juices.

In moderation, these food elements are usually good as part of a healthy balanced diet. However, these foods and drinks increase the probability of teeth yellowing. If you are looking to get rid of yellow teeth, one thing that you should try is to reduce the amount of these foodstuffs you consume, maybe even cut them out completely.

A yellow teeth cleaning method you can try is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Use a small amount and brush as you would with a regular toothpaste. The properties of the baking soda is what whitens your teeth. Be warned, brushing too hard or too often with baking soda can damage your teeth enamel.

  1. Breaking the habit

Smoking can cause teeth to turn yellow very fast, tobacco being the main offender in this instance. As a smoker, if getting rid of your yellow teeth is important, you should seriously consider quitting this very bad unhealthy habit.

Regardless of how many of the teeth whitening techniques you use/try, none will produce long-lasting results unless you assist the process by eliminating those actions that will render these products’ effects null and void. If you are indeed looking for a permanent solution to get rid of yellow teeth, you will most definitely have to stop smoking.

  1. Call the professionals

Of course, for serious yellow teeth, you can call a dentist to whiten teeth. As trained professionals, their techniques used to whiten your teeth is always faster and better than any home remedies.

While home remedies are often effective, sometimes you need fast results or a little extra help especially if a photo shoot is in the pipeline. These techniques include, but are not restricted to bleaching light technology and bleaching agents. Another method is the application of professional dental veneers. Dentists regularly make use of veneers in the film industry for actors and actresses. However, most of the health insurance establishments regard dental veneers as cosmetics, as their only function is to mask yellow teeth and not actually solve the issue of yellow teeth by turning them white.

Consequently, the majority of health insurance plans will not cover the cost of dental veneers. With the cost sometimes rising up to $ 1,000 per tooth, this is a very expensive option.

  1. Keep teeth clean!

Now that you know a little bit about the techniques of teeth bleaching, you are on your way to get rid of yellow teeth. But the journey does not stop here. During the process, as well as afterwards, it is required to perform daily maintenance to prevent the teeth yellowing again.

Each dentist will tell you that brushing regularly and flossing at least once a day is very important for the overall health of your teeth. Good dental hygiene prevents rot, decay and other problems such as toothache. These practices also help to maintain a bright white smile. Yellow teeth in itself is not harmful to one’s health, it’s the substances that cause yellow teeth that sometimes are!

yellow teeth claening

To conclude, drinking plenty of water helps to keep your teeth white once you got rid of yellow stained teeth. Surprising, is not it? Try to drink the recommended eight glasses of water daily to help your teeth.

As mentioned, yellow teeth often cause problems with self-confidence. As long as you choose one of the yellow teeth cleaning methods discussed in this article and stick to the routine that accompanies these options, your teeth can be bright white in the blink of an eye!

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