12 Biggest Skincare Dilemmas

by Katleen Brown

It is easy to take our skincare routine for granted when we are young. Young skin is firm and devoid of wrinkles. The dermis or the middle layer of the skin holds the resilience building skin fibers- collagen and elastin. In youthful skin, these fibers are replaced in an efficient manner. Thanks to the regular replacement of the lost skin fibers, moisture retention is often great in younger skin.

As the skin gets older, the skin fibers break and the replacement of elastin and collagen gets lesser. As a result, the skin gets less amount of moisture thus leading to the dry and wrinkled skin. Even though aging is a natural process certain internal and external factors like diet, skin care routine, environmental changes can affect the skin health.

Most of the girls seem to think that nothing can affect their skin as they are young, but the truth is everything that we eat or do can in fact affect our skin health. Here are 12 biggest skincare dilemmas women wish they knew before:

  1. Never sleep on your face

Sleeping posture is as important as the quality of sleep for the health of the skin. Debra Jailman, a dermatologist from New York, opines that sleeping on your side or your face can cause sleep lines or wrinkles. It is difficult to sleep on your back, but there are tools like U-shaped pillows etc. that can make it easier. Many women do not realize that a good sleep posture can restore the youthful look of their face.

  1. Never forget to use an eye cream

The sensitive skin on the skin can be harmed by working for long hours on the computer, watching television or rubbing the under eye skin while removing makeup. Though it’s hard to realize the importance of a good eye cream in our early 20’s, many experts advise women to use a good eye cream as soon as possible to avoid saggy and wrinkled eye area.

  1. Sleeping with your makeup on is harmful

Not many women know that years of sleeping on the wrong side can cause a lot of harm that even the best wrinkle creams cannot help. We know that sleeping with the makeup on is harmful to the skin. But when we were young perhaps sleeping with makeup on was not a big deal as we thought our skin can take it. But sleeping without removing makeup has debilitating effects on the skin says a recent experiment conducted by few experts on effects of sleeping with the makeup on.

  1. Never pull or tug eyes while putting on eyeliner

Who does not like eye makeup? Especially, the mighty eyeliner and many women want a perfect and beautifully drawn line. And this is why many of them tug or pull the eyes so that the line drawn is perfect and neat. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and rubbing or tugging the eye skin can cause wrinkles in that area.

  1. Dry skin leads to premature wrinkles

Dehydrated and patchy skin is a sure-shot recipe for premature wrinkles. When the skin lacks enough moisture, deep wrinkles can form resulting in aged skin. Investing in a good moisturizer could be the best thing one can do to combat dry skin.

  1. Alcohol and smoking can age the skin faster

A study suggests that cigarette smoking can cause a premature wrinkle in people who smoke regularly over the years. Though many people claim the beneficial effect of alcohol (red wine) on our health, indulging in too much of alcohol is harmful as our body cannot assimilate required nutrition.

For many smoking, a cigar is nothing less than a fashion statement. And indulging in alcohol is considered as ‘cool’ or a better way to beat the stress. But in reality, both of these habits can age the skin many times faster than one can imagine.

  1. Stay away from the sun

One can confidently say that not using sunscreen is one of the most frequent reasons for premature aging. Many people think that sunscreen should be used when we step out in the sun, but the effect of harmful UV rays can affect the skin even indoors. Research shows that 80% of the premature wrinkles are caused by sun damage.

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  1. Skin needs nourishment

Many young women do not do things that can provide nourishment to the skin, for example, regular facials. Yes, regular facials can be expensive and time-consuming, but the effects are worth for the long haul.

  1. Stop experimenting

It is good to know what works for your skin by trying few quality products, but that doesn’t mean that you subject your face for experimentation with random products. Using wrong products with harsh chemicals can develop pores on the skin which cannot be treated.

  1. Use serum

Many young women consider serums as a must for aged or older women. But the truth is serums can be lifesavers for those who work in stressful schedules. Serums are nothing concentrated skin nutrients that can provide nourishment when applied after the application of your regular cream. Using a serum with a good anti-aging cream can keep the wrinkles at bay.

  1. Do not binge on junk

Eating junk is considered cool for a younger generation. The high sugar content in processed food not only makes one obese, but it can also destroy the youthful skin faster leading to premature aging.

  1. Never rely on just one cream for all your beauty needs

Using just one cream for day and night sounds convenient and easy. But thinking that the one cream that is being used can address all the skin issues is totally wrong. In fact, many women in their younger years might have used a normal moisturizing cream thinking that it can keep their face and eyes wrinkle free.




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