Non Surgical Breast Enhancement

All women would love to have firmer and bigger breasts that emphasize their femininity and make them look more attractive. Not only women love bigger breast, it is a popular belief that most men love women with big and firm breast. Fortunately, nowadays, there are procedures to help women who are looking for an increased breast size to actualize their dream. Bigger breast don’t only make women look more attractive, but also help boost their self-confidence and moral esteem. However not every women has the pair of breasts that correctly match their weight, height and personality.

Non Surgical Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement can help any woman to get the breast size she wants, you can enjoy the type of breast you want whether big, small or medium using natural non-surgical breast enhancement products and procedures.

A good natural cup size is definitely an envy of every woman who have flat chest. The modern technology nowadays has made it possible for every woman to get larger, fuller and firmer breast using only the natural methods without undergoing a breast implant.

Natural breast enhancers involve using of substances which will stimulate your mammary glands and increase the hormones in your breast area so that the tissues and even the muscles that lie underneath your breast will grow into your desired breast size.

Do you want to increase your breast size naturally without surgery? Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Regular Breast Massages

Studies have shown that messaging your breast regularly is one of the best, oldest, safe and natural methods of increasing your breast size. Practicing a regular breast massage for about 30 minutes per day can help you to increase your breast size by at least one cup size in just one month.

Non Surgical Breast Enhancement

When you message your breast, it aids in increasing the flow of phytoestrogens that are found in the bloodstream to the breast. This phytoestrogens is the hormone that is responsible for the growth of breasts. Constant messaging will also stimulate the increased production of a breast enlarging hormone known as prolactin which is very vital in breast augmentation.

How to Do This: Generate heat in your hands by rubbing them together for about 5-10 seconds; then place them on your breast and rub your breasts inwards. Rub for at least 15 minutes both in the morning and in the night every day to effectively increase your breast size in a month without surgery.

  1. Do Bust Increasing Exercises

There are some exercises that you can use to target the muscles of the breast and force them to increase in size.  Some of the exercises to help you increase your breast size include:

  1. Wall Press

Wall Press involves standing straight while facing the walls of your bedroom. Gently place your palms on your wall and then push against it. Try not to bend your elbows as you push. For a desirable result push for about 10 seconds and take a break and repeat it for about 20 times every morning and evening.

  1. Swinging Arms

Simply swinging your arms both ways in the clockwise direction one after another for about 5 minutes every morning and evening is a good exercise to target your breast muscles and help them to grow.

  • Doing Household Chores Manually

Doing household chores manually involves constant moving of your arms and breast muscles which is one the best ways to naturally increase your breast size.

  1. Eat Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats can help you to increase your breast size as far as you don’t overeat and put on excess fat on other part of your body.  Fats founds in foods like avocados, eggs, fatty fish, olive oil, nut and peanut butter are the one that can help you in giving your breast a much needed lift.

  1. Vitamins

Lack of vital vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E and B6 can have a negative impact on the growth of your breast size. When you have these vitamins in adequate supply, they can help to promote breast development to greater extent. For instance, Vitamin A aids in skin cell rejuvenation, Vitamin C aids in collagen restoration which will lead to fullness and support of cellular tissues in breast.

  1. Eat Phytoestrogens-rich Food

Phytoestrogens is a substance which acts like an estrogen. Estrogen is sex hormone which is responsible for breast growth in women. It is this hormone that leads to big increase in the breast size of a pregnant woman. Phytoestrogens has the ability to imitate the effect of the estrogen on your breast. You can get phytoestrogens naturally from foods like Fennel, soy, barley, garbanzo beans, lentils, kidney beans, alfalfa sprouts, millet, flax seed, apple, parsley, beets, thyme, red raspberry, brown rice, carrots, cherries and mushrooms.

Phytoestrogens-rich Food

  1. Push-Up Bra and Breast Enhancing Clothes

Wearing a push-up bra can add noticeable volume to your bust while at same time make your breasts to look perkier. Push up bras also has the ability to add lots of lifts to your breasts which will make your breast to seem larger and fuller. They are also great quick fix for your outfit if you are trying to present an image of bigger breast.

Avoid wearing multiple bras as this will leave you constantly adjusting your bra and uncomfortable. Moreover, stay away from thin or tight bras if you are concerned with the size of your breast, they can very unflattering as they provide little in the way of padding or lift and can make your bust size lacking.

  1. Breast Enhancement Cream and Supplements

Using breast enhancement cream is another good way to increase your breast size naturally. Most of these creams are safe, inexpensive and has no side effect on the female’s physiology. They can help you to increase breast size naturally within 6 -12 months of actively applying them daily. When you apply the cream on your breast they help to stimulate the breast tissues, nourish breasts and lift them up. Most of these breast creams are made from ingredients such as; blessed thistle, fennel, Aloe Vera, red clover, L-Tyrosiine, dandelion, retinol-A, kelp, watercress and Pueraria Mirifica extracts.

  • Breast Lift

Women with ptotic (drooping) breasts can go for non-surgical breast lift. Usually some will choose surgery which is good for drooping breasts however it comes with heavy price tag and often leaves significant scarring in addition with other health risks of plastic surgery. The non-surgical solution for breast lift for women with ptotic breasts that have been certified to be effective without side effects includes using of:

  • Breast firming creams
  • Laser treatments
  • Herbal and pharmaceutical pills
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Push up bras

Most of these methods mentioned above may take a long time before you can notice the effect. However, most women have reported experiencing mild to moderate success with laser treatments especially women with specific breast ptosis criteria.

  • Breast Reduction

Breast enhancement also involves breast reduction for women who have overly large and problematic breasts that are associated with physical and psychological symptoms. In this situation, cosmetic surgery is not advisable since it involves procedures that are risky, costly and even scaring. The typical non-surgical solution for helping those in this situation includes:

  • Herbal and Pharmaceutical breast reduction pills
  • Breast reduction creams
  • Minimizing bras
  • Diet and exercise


Using non-surgical breast enhancement methods is best way to help boost women’s self esteem. It is the best way to cure the negative body image that comes from having small, saggy or uneven breast. There are many benefits attached to using this non-surgical methods which ranges from being cheaper than surgery, they also don’t leave scars and other health risk. BRAVA (Breast Enhancement and Shaping System) of breast enlargement is best for women with small breast but wants to attain larger sized bust without surgical intervention.

Finally, do not be fooled by some companies selling some “miracle” products that promises noninvasive enhancement at hefty price tag. Most of these products will leave you bitter and disappointed. Always read reviews and make adequate research before buying any products, you can as well consult with your doctor to make plans for a safe and effective method for non surgical breast enhancement that will be best suited for you.

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