5 Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

by Chris Cooper

It’s great that you’ve decided to upgrade yourself form a general shaver to an electric shaver.

Now, before you buy one for you, it’s time to get informed once again that how much benefits it can bring in your life. And that’s what pinged me to start writing this article.

Electric Shavers: How They Work?

Now before we opt in the details benefits, you need to know how these come from an electric shaver.

The most effective part of an electric razor is the foil plate. It’s nothing but a layer of extra-thin metal. If you look closely, you can find a number of holes or slots on it. These are supposed to allow the razor blades to cut as much as possible to the skin.

5 Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

To identify the razor type you’d prefer in your electric razor, here are some consideration-

Buy A Rotary Razor Electric Shaver If-

  • Your beard is course or thick.
  • Have hairs on the face which don’t have any particular direction.
  • You find it difficult to shave the neck.

On the other hand,

Buy A Foil Coated Razor If-

  • Your facial hair is thin and fine.
  • Have facial hairs that has straight direction.
  • Need to shave daily.
  • Like less cleaning of electric shavers.

5 Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

5 Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

  1. Quickest way to get ready for the morning duties
    Student or professional, me has not so much time when he gets up in the morning and prepare himself for the day out. Now tell me, are you willing to give 40 precious minutes on shaving from that busy time? No, right? That’s where electric shavers come in the game. You can do a fast, perfect clean shave in less than 5 minutes in morning. That’s a big save of the time. Maybe this would save your back from missing an interview call or important breakfast with client.
  2. It’s Careful to Your Skin, As Like as You Want To
    With save with typical razor and blade, your skin of the mouth is always in risk. Blades can damage, bleed, irritate and scrapes the mouth and chin skin. But if done properly, the possibility of any of these is tending to zero. Some people complain about casing irritation while they shave e with electric razors. I guess they’ve made a wrong purchase without understanding the beard type of him. Also, it’s important to understand the way of shaving before you use electric shaver each time. There are two ways of electric shaving- wet and dry. Sometimes, dry shaves cause slightly irritating itches on the way. If it occurs, you better try the wet method of electrical shaving.
  3. A Precise Control of Your Stubble
    Although it sounds funny, but we know very well that our stubble is worth of a million to us, and an obvious part of your style. Between the barefaced and bearded, there is a spot in between where the stubble is located on. With a good quality electric shaver, you can control you shave precise not to do anything with the stubble.
  4. Saving A Lot of Money
    You may compare the price of an electric razor and an ordinary one with re-usability. But the truth is something different. If used properly, electric shaver lasts way longer than the traditional shavers. Usually, typical shavers don’t last more than month. But if any power manipulation of breaking doesn’t occur, it will last for 2-5 years.

A Wide Versatility in Use
We men know that razors aren’t only meant for shaving beards. We have some other places to shave or clean with a razor. And no need to mention that how much dangerous it can be, if operated in a wrong way.

A quality electric shaver can be operating multiple ways. For beards, armpits, legs and muscular areas, it has different shaver heads to use. So, all the problems are solved once by you.

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