6 Tips for Finding a Good Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

by David Milsont

6 Tips for Finding a Good Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Excessive alcohol consumption and drug use can ruin lives completely. Alcoholics and drug addicts need to come to terms with their issues and seek treatment, as the disease of addiction is progressive and potentially deadly.

You could be suffering from your child’s drug-fueled reckless behavior that would prompt you to take action and find an efficient treatment center for him or her. The search for the right treatment program is essential for the betterment of your child’s substance use disorder. Many children suffer from substance abuse and then get afflicted by several health problems, disability and sensory impairment. People tend to ignore the signs of failing health and then are forced to check into rehab clinics, which may or may not solve their drug and alcohol addiction effectively.

Treating substance use disorder requires a good treatment center; especially since they generally have what the person actually needs. But choosing a good treatment and rehab center is crucial for long-term impact on an addict’s recovery. Many patients suffer relapses after checking in with an ineffective center and then bear the brunt of worsening health and even death.


Here are some strategies to find a good treatment center before choosing it for you or your loved ones:


  1. Get an assessment of the patient through an expert physician or substance use disorder treatment professional. Before zeroing on the treatment facility for the patient, even yourself, obtain a thorough evaluation from a licensed clinical social worker or even a psychiatrist who is experienced with handling such patients. Typically, they will recommend inpatient treatment when the patient is not stable enough or fails to fulfill family obligations regularly. If the patient has gone through meetings, individual therapy sessions, and intensive treatment and not yet recovered, they need inpatient treatment – a 30-day stay that is extendable as necessary.


  1. Research inpatient facilities and the resources that can help people afflicted by drug use and excessive alcoholism. Many people also suffer from clinical conditions like depression. Hence they need to be brought in front of counselors, to deal with a dual-diagnosis. Also, not all problems are generated because of a particular addiction. Some ailments could provoke unpredictable physical reactions, hence there should be medical staff on board that is conversant with a wide range of maladies.


  1. Check whether the treatment center is reliant on medication for solving the problem of addiction. Prescription medication is sometimes necessary in order to treat drug dependency. Prescription medication, along with a 12-step program, can help an addict recover from addiction. Medication has boosted retention numbers in treatment programs for many addicts. Medical detox to deal with drug withdrawal may also be necessary.

  1. Look for a rehab center that is known for their longevity, since many such centers are looking to take advantage of the high demand and earn money. Most shady ones that rely on unethical business practices will eventually shut down. Those open longer for five years and more are known to do good work. Even then, do research about practices being used for recovery and if they are known to be effective for addicts over time.


  1. Don’t equate luxury with impeccable quality of services all the time. Rehab usually costs a few thousand dollars per month and more over a period of 30 days. Opt for a reasonably priced programs that typically costs in the $25,000 to $35,000 a month. The pricier centers just feature posh facilities that are found in upscale neighborhoods. More money spent does not necessarily mean more value gained. Also, the purpose needs to be to get adequate treatment as required and not rest in a Malibu mansion that gives clients luxurious options without providing time and treatment for their malady.


  1. Stay away from rehabs that advertise about their success. Most effective centers are known to empathize with victims suffering from addiction and never guarantee success because it is impossible to guarantee it. Every recovery process starts and ends with the individual’s interest in following the treatment plan. Also, these addicts need to recover at the facility and recover further when they get back to their respective homes. It is essential that they continue to take medication and be consistent in putting efforts into avoiding alcohol or drugs, with a consistent attendance of support group meetings after the stay at the treatment center.


Finding a good drug and alcohol treatment center needs thorough research of the treatment options and details about their success rate in rehabilitating the patients. Check whether they solely rely on medication or offer luxurious facilities that do not make a dent in the addiction. It is also important to go beyond advertisements and sophistication while choosing a rehab clinic or an alcohol treatment center. Adequate staff and experts on board are also essential in this regard.

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