8 Tips for Keeping Energy Levels High

8 Tips for Keeping Energy Levels High

by George Gregory

8 Tips for Keeping Energy Levels High

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have endless stores of energy? Sometimes the day is too long and your energy runs out long before all your tasks are completed. If only you could dip into your personal well and replenish at will, then you could stay steadfastly productive throughout the day.

There are different products that are designed to help you with an energy boost, from sports-themed beverages and other energy drinks to herbs and caffeine shots. Your best option is to tap into the health benefits of multivitamins that specifically address low energy levels.

How to Enhance Natural Energy Levels

There are also steps you can take to ensure that you keep your energy high.


1.     Manage your stress and ease your load.

Stress depletes you of energy, so try to control your reaction to stressful situations. When you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed, talk it out with a trusted loved one, join a support group, or engage in relaxation techniques such as meditation, tai chi, or yoga.

Also, learn to not sweat the small stuff. Set your priorities and don’t fret over the rest. Never hesitate to ask for help either.


2.     Regularly get some exercise.

Exercise is a great energy booster. Even a simple walk will do.

When you get physically active, your body releases epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are stress hormones that, in low amounts, make your body feel energized.

Exercise also helps you sleep better, allowing your body to recharge the way that nature intended it to.


3.     Eat low GI foods.

Foods with a low glycemic index have sugars that are slowly absorbed by the body. Eating them helps you keep your energy up longer, as opposed to eating high GI foods, the sugars of which are more easily absorbed, causing a lag in energy. Low GI foods include whole grains, nuts, high fiber veggies, and healthy oils.


4.     Frequently hydrate with water.

You feel fatigued when you’re short of fluids. Water is the best option for replenishment. It doesn’t need to be enhanced with anything. Sports drinks aren’t necessary, except perhaps when you’re engaged in competitive sports and require an edge.

When you need to endure, water always suffices.


What to Avoid to Stay Energetic

There are practices that negatively impact your energy levels. Don’t indulge in these habits if you want to keep your energy high.


1.     Kick tobacco smoke out of your life.

Smoking is unhealthy in a number of ways. When it comes to your energy levels, it affects them by way of your sleep. It causes insomnia, the nicotine in the tobacco stimulating your body into wakefulness. When you do finally get to sleep, its addictive properties may kick in and disturb your rest with cravings.


2.     Don’t obsess over sleep.

While sleep is important in re-energizing your body, you don’t need to fret over making up for a sleepless night. When you feel sleep-deprived, you may spend a lot of time inducing sleep, which could mess up your sleeping pattern even more.

To get back to restful slumber, avoid napping during the day and stay busy at night until drowsiness hits. Don’t spend a lot of time in bed waiting for sleep to come. The important thing is to get sound sleep, the length of which you can simply adjust as you progress.


3.     Stay away from alcohol during the day.

Drinking at lunch may seem relaxing, but alcohol has sedative properties. Your energy and alertness are bound to be affected, contributing to the common mid-afternoon slump.

If you plan on having an active evening, the same principle lies with the five o’clock cocktail. Just avoid alcohol if you plan to stay productive.


4.     Don’t depend on caffeine.

Many turn to caffeine hits to revive them from an energy drop. While caffeine does help alert and sharpen the mind, it is addictive and it messes with your sleep. It is recommended that you do not indulge in a caffeine fix after 2 p.m.


Natural Energy Boosts

It all begins with understanding what affects your energy levels. You certainly don’t need to mindlessly resort to quick energy fixes to recharge.

Stick with natural methods of keeping your energy high. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, your job is actually pretty much done.

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