A Dementia-Friendly Home For The Safety Of The Patients

by Julia Hendon

A Dementia-Friendly Home For The Safety Of The Patients

The number of cases of Dementia is rising day by day. While some suggest that the care homes are the best places for the patients, many of the family members still prefer keeping them in the comfort of their homes. The reason is the Dementia Caregivers helps in taking care of the patients in the absence of the family members and suitable surroundings in a better way. Also, the warmth and comfort of the familiar surroundings do not trouble the patients much.

Dementia worsens the memory of the patients. It makes difficult for them to remember their daily activities, loved ones, belongings, etc. Therefore, the memory loss can make the home a little disorienting for the patients.

It is essential for the family members to make the needed adjustments in the homes to help the patients lead a normal and active life without any trouble. Here is a list of the changes which are required. Have a look.


Welcome natural lights for the bright, sunny day

Nature has its advantages. The natural plants and lights can make a difference in the health of the patients. It brings them mental peace and positivity to start their day fresh. It is advised to keep the windows open to welcome the sunlight in the house. Remove everything that is blocking the rays from entering the place. It will help the old dementia patients struggling with bad eyesight to see things clearly.

At night, make sure to close the windows properly and cover the glass windows to prevent the light from entering the house. It will help the patient to get better sleep at night.

Fill the walls with the family photographs

Photographs are the best way to remind the dementia patient of the beautiful memories with his loved ones. To make him remember his family members, fill the living room of the house with the photographs of vacations and occasions. It will also make them feel happy every time they see them. Most importantly, they will feel safe and secure in this environment.


Prepare a list of the essential phone numbers

As the patient gets old, the disease gets worse. It can arise many difficulties for the patients. In such conditions, it is better for the family members to be in touch with the patient all the time. Therefore, give him the list of all the important phone numbers and makes sure it is accessible to him all the time.


Do not let the patient wander alone

Staying home all the time is frustrating for the patient. The outside world lures him. Therefore, he tries to go out on the street when nobody is watching over him. It can be dangerous for him. The outside world like street numbers, buildings, and others can confuse him and can create problems. Appoint a caregiver for him to look after him.

If the patient loves outdoor activities like gardening, make sure that he is accompanied by the caregiver. Do not let him go outside the house alone. Also, ask the caregiver to take him into a small walk in the evening or morning.

Same colored objects can confuse the patients

There are many things and situations that can confuse the patient suffering from dementia. One of them is the same colored objects. That is why it is necessary to change the colors of these objects so that the patient can distinguish between them well. For instance, if the color of the toilet seat of the bathroom matches with the sink, it will be difficult for the patient to figure out which is the toilet seat among the two. To remove this confusion, change the color of the toilet seat with black or some other color. Follow this rule in all the sections of the house.

Safe floorings to avoid the accidents

The house is filled with substances that can cause accidents and result in serious injuries. It is necessary to pay attention to the floors, ladders, and other surfaces that can trip up the patient. To make it safe for him, remove the rugs, mats, cables, etc., that can be harmful to the patient. Again, the color of the floors must be different from the colors of the walls. It will make the conditions easy for the patient.


Dementia patients need love, care, and support. Try to spend time with them and make them feel happy and safe in the home. These tips will help all those family members that have a dementia patient at home.




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